Wajahat Rauf’s revelation about Hania Aamir marriage

Wajahat Rauf's revelation about Hania Aamir marriage

Wajahat Rauf revelation who Hania Aamir will marry. The famous director of the Pakistani film industry Wajahat Rauf and his wife made a surprising revelation about the marriage of actress Hania Aamir.
Recently, the couple participated in a private TV show where the host asked that you have made actress Hania Aamir your daughter, the responsibility of the wedding is yours, then when will you marry her? Have been?
On this occasion, Wajahat Rauf said that she is not our daughter, but our mother. When she comes home, she scolds us, but then she said that there is no such thing, I am joking, she is a very sweet girl.
Director Wajahat’s wife Shazia started saying that today’s era is such that you have chosen a life partner for someone and if it doesn’t turn out well, then you lose your life.
This is the reason why I also tell my children to marry their choice. Yes, these are some points that you have to keep in mind while choosing your life partner.

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Apart from this, Wajahat Rauf also revelation a big secret of his life during the show, he said that when I went abroad for higher education, I told my parents that I am going to do MBA but there I Got a film degree. My parents did not know all this, I lied to them.
He said that when he told me that he was coming abroad for the graduation ceremony, I was worried because I had already thought that I would somehow tell him after completing my studies, but when the truth came out, He did not say a single word to me because he was happy in my happiness.
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