Crying women are sold, then dramas are made on them, Rabia Butt

Crying women are sold, then dramas are made on them, Rabia Butt

Rabia Butt said that a crying women is sold, then dramas are made on her. Popular model and actress Rabia Butt says that if a crying woman sells, then production houses make dramas based on her crying Women, while the viewers, including producers and directors, are equally guilty in making such dramas.

A clip of Rabia Butt’s recent speech at a university event is going viral on social media, in which she is seen discussing the themes of the play.

In a short clip that has gone viral, Rabia Butt is heard talking about the themes of the dramas, saying that the dramas show husbands having illicit relations, i.e. they are shown to be in love with other women besides their wives.

The actress said that the concept of a strong woman is also misinterpreted in society, people consider a strong woman as a woman of bad character.

In the viral clip, Rabia Butt is heard saying that everyone is guilty of making plays on the characters of the crying woman, everyone is contributing to it.

He said that because the crying woman sells, that is why the production houses make plays on the above topics while the audience including producers and directors are also contributing in making such plays.

According to Rabia Butt, if a drama succeeds or fails, the viewer has a role in it too, so don’t think of yourself as absolved. It can be seen in the video that the people sitting there applauded the actress.

This is not the first time that Rabia Butt has spoken about the themes of dramas, she has spoken about weak themes in dramas before.

In July this year, she said in an interview that showing a strong woman in dramas means a bad woman because a woman who endures beatings is considered good in society. Dramas are rated.

Rabia Butt said that it is a part of the society from the beginning that if a woman raises her voice for her right, it is considered bad.

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