The eyes are tired of crying in the roles of the poor woman

The eyes are tired of crying in the roles of the poor woman

Ushna Shah said that the eyes are tired of crying in the characters of the poor woman. Popular actress Ushna Shah has admitted that while playing the role of a poor and oppressed woman, she has cried so much in dramas that her eyes are full of tears. They are tired.
Ushna Shah is usually given the roles of an oppressed, forced, and mischievous woman in dramas, but she has also played other roles well.
The actress, who shot to fame with the drama ‘Bashar Momin‘, in a recent interview with ‘Jeo Digital’ reiterated her determination that whatever happens now, she will never play the role of portraying domestic violence as a good thing. Will not participate.
In response to a question, Ushna Shah said that while working in ‘Bashar Momin’, she was new to showbiz, so she could not even reject her role in the said drama, but now she has a positive attitude towards such domestic violence. I will not play the presenting role.

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According to her, she has matured as an actress, her acting has also improved and now being popular she can reject many wrong roles.
When asked about dramas made between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law disputes in Pakistan, Ishna Shah said that there is no doubt that good dramas should be made and other stories should also come, but the producers do not want to sink their money. , so they invest in such plays, from which they can earn.

He also said that in a way, making such dramas is also a compulsion because to make the industry stronger and better, it has to be done at present.
In response to another question, Ushna Shah said that when she worked in ‘Bashar Momin’, for a long time she was offered roles similar to the same drama and then when she worked in ‘Billa’. He started getting offered negative roles.
She smiled and said that the truth is that her eyes are tired of crying while playing the role of an oppressed and forced woman and now she wants to play the role of an independent and strong woman.

Ushna Shah also revealed that she will soon be seen as an independent and strong woman in a drama where she will play the role of an older woman who is more successful and an earner than her husband in the drama.
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