Today, no one can sit and watch theater alone, Waseem Abbas

Today, no one can sit and watch theater alone, Waseem Abbas

Waseem Abbas said that nowadays no one can sit and watch theater alone. Senior actor Waseem Abbas says that he has done theater for 26 years in his life but with the kind of theater that today’s artists and actors are doing, no one can sit and watch theater alone.
Waseem Abbas is the son of famous singer and actor Inayat Hussain Bhatti, he started his career as a television actor in Lahore.
Wasim has worked in Abbas’ recent popular dramas ‘Mere Humsafar’, ‘Prem Gali’, ‘Angan’, ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbate’.
Recently, he participated in A Plus’ program Chocolate Times where he talked about his plays, career, and theatre.

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Talking about the theatre, he said that ’26 years ago, family and women used to come and watch in theatres, but in today’s theatre, women are far away and men also come and watch secretly.’
He further said that if there was better theater today, I would have been doing theater instead of acting on television. I have done theater for 26 years. I loved acting on stage in front of the audience.
Waseem Abbas said that ‘today many junior artists are doing theatre, some people say that these plays cannot be seen with family or some plays can be seen only with friends. I am sorry that no one can even sit alone and watch the theater they are doing nowadays.’
He said that it is very easy to have a check and balance in the theater if you want, if I regret the loss of anything the most, it is the theater but our film industry has progressed a lot.
To a question from the host, the actor said, “One day I told my son that the recording of the drama is over, it is going to be on air soon, just pray that whenever this drama airs, there will be load shedding.”, it’s not worth watching, it’s a very silly play, but when it aired, the drama broke all the rating records.’
He expressed his frustration, admitting that content producers often look at ratings as a measure of success and ignore criticism of the play.
On actress Nadia Afgan calling Yemeni Zaidi an overrated actress, Waseem Abbas said that it was Nadia Afgan’s personal opinion, and no one should object to it.
He emphasized that criticism should be seen from an individual point of view, but for me, Yemeni Zaidi is the best actress, many girls do their work with a lot of hard work and dedication.
During the interview, Waseem Abbas also talked about his son Ali Abbas and revealed that he did not give him any support or recommendation from any producer in his career.

The actress said that despite the talent and dedication of her son Ali Abbas, he is an underrated actor in the Pakistani television industry. This is my personal opinion. That was his own opinion.
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