Those who say men don’t get pain should watch Jhoom drama

Those who say men don't get pain should watch Jhoom drama

Those who think that men don’t suffer should watch Haroon Qadwani’s drama Jhoom. After hearing a lot of talk about the drama ‘Jhoom’, we were also forced to watch the drama.
At first, the big screen-like scene made everyone forget what they had heard and the dream appeared to come true which is very sure that the earth is going to change its course soon. All taboos are about to be broken.
Scenes like action movies attract the youth and at the same time, Prof. Tauqeer puts ointment on the wound of this attraction. It’s a great combination of contrasts.
How does darkness remain under the lamp? Why can’t those who give life to others live their own lives? How does life become wandering? How does madness take away humanity? How is humanity lost in sentimentality? Drama ‘Jhoom’ can be seen to understand these things.
Which is currently swinging in the mind of every young person.
“Make your daughters not men, but human beings.”
A very lively character to illustrate his philosophy is Prof. Tauqeer who is a visionary educator of thousands of people, especially the youth, but his only engineer son Aryan is not only wasting his degree and time but is a grumpy, grumpy man. And the war that has become human.
People stay away from him because of his temperament. There is a story of an angry young man whose father gives lectures on anger and emotion control all over the world and his knowledge is far and wide but he could not save his son from this disease.

In Jhoom Drama Aryan With maryam
In Jhoom Drama Aryan With maryam

Dr. Tauqeer has mastered all the philosophies of life but he could not follow them himself, he understands all the complexities of a husband and wife relationship but his wife has left him.
Aryan’s mother’s separation distanced him from his father and made him a fanatical person. He was also jailed and under treatment in a mental hospital. It is clear here that we do not consider mental therapy to be a cure.
The story will go on to tell that Aryan was cured so he was saved from the pitfalls in which Sherry is going to get stuck.
In the play, there is a story of the spoiled children of the two to three percent class of the country. It is the story of the madness that arises from wealth and deprivation.
The other light is Dr Maryam and the darkness is her brother Sherry. After the death of her parents, she is not only a sponsor but also a parent to her only younger brother. She tries her best to get her education and go to a better place, but her brother is stuck in a quagmire from which there is no way back.
He is also an aggressive, belligerent, stubborn, egotistical person. Gambling, alcohol, debauchery, and brawlings are all adventures and masculinity for him and his friends.
When Dr. Maryam finds out that Tina was shot by her brother’s pistol, she hands her over to the police, and her friends are also arrested, but on the recommendation of a minister, they all get bail.
Dr. Maryam only wanted to correct her, wanted to tell her that she was on the wrong path, but this incident filled Sherry with hatred in her heart. He wants to take revenge on Aryan for this insult. At the same time, he is angry with his sister. He seems sympathetic to his sister, but he is not sincere with himself.
In this fire, he will not hesitate to play with his sister’s feelings.
Dakar Maryam is older than Arian, so she dismisses the attraction she feels by mistaking him for her brother’s age, but the taboo is broken by the friends around Arian and Maryam.
Time has revealed the truth and Professor Tauqeer, like a wise father, has paved the way for this relationship, thus father and son come closer because of one love.
Dr. Maryam is also affected by Aryan because Tina was attacked by her brother and her friends in the same way she was attacked by her ex-fiancé. Her fiance fled for his life, leaving her with the attackers. Arian did not.
There is a very old myth that women like brave men. This is nature. The cowardly man falls from his heart. Dr. Maryam has cowardly men in her past and present, so despite Aryan’s obsession, she starts to like him.
The play does not show illogical and quarrelsome characters, does not see its deficiency as a virtue, and does not make a man an angel.
All characters are human. The reason for how the beast inside them has been taken away is also being told.
The beautiful scenery of Karachi is visible, but the depiction of the beautiful deserts of Balochistan has greatly enlarged the screen and the story.
The play is written by Hashim Nadeem. He is very well versed in the plot of the film and the running of the character. In his male characters, male problems and his pain are found. Those who believe that men do not feel pain should watch the plays of Hashim Nadeem.
A man’s pain is more because we don’t allow him to cry, to express emotions, to be soft. To explain all this philosophy in simple words, the role of Professor Tauqeer is included as a thinker, an educator.
The drama serial Jhoom is produced by Seventh Sky and telecast by Har Pul Jio. Every character is playing their role well but Usman Pirzada, Zarnur Abbas and Haroon Kidwani are overshadowed.The Jhoom Drama music and especially the background music is very good.I hope you will definitely watch this drama serial Jhoom after reading this post.
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