Sarah Umair went to an audition and fell in love with the producer

Sarah Umair

The popular actress of the past Sarah Umair has said that when she went to give an audition in the interest of acting, she fell in love with the producer at first sight, whom she later married.
Sarah Umair has been away from the screen for the last few years, her popular dramas include ‘My Nee, Little Sky, and Rogue’ among others.
She also showed the essence of acting in Pakistan Television (PTV), she started acting at a very young age but after her marriage, she appeared away from the screen.
After being absent from the screen for many years, she recently made her first TV appearance after 8 years, appearing on Madeeha Naqvi’s morning show, where she opened up about her distance from the showbiz industry.

Sarah umair with his son
From Sarah Umair Instagram:

She said that she did not know how to cook, so after marriage, she learned housekeeping for her husband. Said goodbye.

The actress said that her husband never stopped her from acting but she took a break from acting of her own free will, as she worked continuously from the age of 17 to 29 years.
According to Sarah Umair, as soon as her first child was born and he grew up, she once again planned to return to showbiz, but the second time she became hopeful, she postponed her plan to enter showbiz.
The actress said that when both the children grew up, she signed a contract to act in the drama without intending to enter the show business for the third time and after many years she returned to the show business and soon her drama will be aired.
Sarah Umair said that her husband never advised her to stay away from showbiz and that she knew that her fans would be worried about her in her absence, but she never got the chance to meet her fans. Tell the reason behind the distance from showbiz.
In response to a question about marriage, the actress said that when she went for her first audition at the age of 17, she fell in love with producer Mohsin Talat at first sight.
She admitted that she fell in love with the producer as soon as she saw him while the producer fell in love with her and the two fell in love at first sight.

She said that when her relationship developed with Mohsin Talat, she was 17 years old and now she is 35 years old, and Mohsin is 45 years old.
In response to a question, he romantically said that there is nothing in Mohsin Talat that should be ignored, everything he says is something that can be sacrificed.
While praising her husband, she said that the most special thing about Mohsin Talat is that he builds relationships with people of all ages at their level and talks to them in the same way.
In response to another question, she humorously described her husband Mohsin Talat as her eldest son.
Sarah Umair answered with a smile when asked about the children that her eldest son’s name is ‘Mohsan Talat’.
Similarly, he said that he has two sons, the elder son’s name is ‘Muhammad Zubair bin Mohsin’ while the younger son’s name is ‘Muhammad Zohan bin Mohsin’.

Sarah Umair’s Talk About Her Beloved Husband

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