Zhalay Sarhadi says that we make plays on extramarital relations

Zhalay Sarhadi

Actress Zhalay Sarhadi, who played the lead role in the recently released drama ‘Guru’, says that dramas are being made in Pakistan only on the topics of extra-marital relations, while there are other important social issues in the country, on which Stories must be made.
‘Guru’ was recently aired on Express TV, featuring actor Ali Rehman as a eunuch for the first time.
In the said drama, Zhalay Sarhadi is seen playing the role of a married woman who is married and after the birth of her daughters, her in-laws call her wrong and prejudiced against her.
Talking about the character of the play and other topics, Zhalay Sarhadi told ‘Independent Urdu that her role in the play is very important, in which not only she but also her daughters will be seen struggling.

Zhalay Sarhadi
From Zhalay Sarhadi Instagram:

He said that women are still blamed in society for the sex of the children while medical science has also proved that the sex of the children is related to the father.
In response to a question, Zhalay Sarhadi admitted that she doesn’t get many film offers and that she doesn’t even want to play ordinary roles.
According to her, she wants to play the role of a rock star, an astronaut, or even a transgender woman in films.
Jhale Sarhadhi said that she is doing ordinary roles on TV as well but she wishes to play unique roles in films but she does not think that such roles will be written in Pakistan.

When asked about female roles in dramas, the actress said that limited roles are written in the Pakistani showbiz industry, they are written to a certain age limit.
He said that the life or problems of girls are not limited only to marriage, they have to face other problems besides that, so if the characters of women with other problems are also written, the characters of all ages will automatically appear. Will start coming.
According to Zhalay Sarhadi, it is very important to make dramas and write characters on social issues, in Pakistan only dramas are made on extra-marital relations while there are many other issues.

During the interview, the actress advised women and other fans to love themselves and if they have any mental or mental complications, they must get treated, just like going to a doctor for a fever, the same goes for mental problems. Doctors are also present.
She mentioned her illness once again and said that she was suffering from a hormone disorder called ‘Hypothyroid’, due to which she had three miscarriages.
The actress said that she also had mental problems due to hypothyroidism, that’s why she went to the doctors of mental diseases for treatment, similarly other people should also get treatment for mental diseases.
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