Sunita Marshall broke her silence on inappropriate questions

Sunita Marshall

Model and actress Sunita Marshall broke her silence a few days ago when she was asked very personal and inappropriate questions in a podcast and appealed to showbiz personalities and fans not to harass the interviewer anymore.
Sunita Marshall recently appeared on the ‘Nader Ali’ podcast, where the host asked her very personal and inappropriate questions, on which the actress appeared to be a little upset, but still she answered the host with great patience. Answered in style, which earned him praise as well as the podcast host being taken aback.

sunita marshall with his husband
From Sunita Marshall Instagram:

In his podcast, Nader Ali asked Sunita Marshall if she is a Christian while her husband, actor Hasan Ahmed, is a Muslim, so which religion do her children follow? On which the actress said that her children are followers of Islam.

The host asked him once again whether he has any intention to accept Islam. Sunita Marshall made it clear that she has no such intention yet nor is there any pressure on her from her husband and in-laws.
In this regard, the actress clarified that in Islam, the marriage of a Christian and a Muslim is permissible without conversion.
Nader Ali was also criticized for asking the actress very personal questions related to beliefs and religion in the podcast and common people including showbiz personalities called for a boycott of his podcast.

But now Sunita Marshall has broken her silence on the said issue and appealed to the podcast host not to harass her anymore.
Sunita Marshill also thanked showbiz personalities and fans for their support and appreciation while sharing her new photos on Instagram.
The actress thanked showbiz personalities and fans and appealed to everyone not to harass the podcast host anymore.
At the same time, the actress addressed all the interviewing hosts and asked them not to ask such highly personal questions to anyone in the future.
After Sunita Marshill appealed to the podcast host to stop criticizing the podcast host, people wrote in praise of the actress, saying it was “great of her” to stand up to the interviewer.
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