4 Best Indian movies based on Father love

4 Indian movies based on Father love

Today we will tell you about 4 Indian movies based on father love. If the love of the world is kept aside and the love of the parents for their children, then the love of the parents will always be heavy.
A mother is very forward in expressing her love to her children and sometimes she also tells the children that her children are her priority in life.
On the other hand, fathers are a little behind in this matter, they don’t know how to express their love openly, that’s why usually when children step on the ladder of youth, they start to feel that their father doesn’t love them and slowly. Slowly the distance starts increasing in this relationship.
In Bollywood, where the pen was raised on every subject, how could the father’s love be ignored, the story writers of the Indian film industry have worked on this subject from different angles and all the films are about the father’s love and his love among the moviegoers. They seem to highlight the value aspect, which is listed below.

4 Indian movies based on Father love
1. Piku:

Directed by Shoojat Sarkar, the film Piku released in 2015 depicts the relationship of a young daughter with an old and sick father. In this film, Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan played the role of an ailing father. On the other hand, the daughter is played by Deepika Padukone, who is very worried about her father’s illness and because of this, there are frequent arguments between the two.

2. Angrezi Medium:

This movie released in 2020 is the last movie of the life of Indian actor Irfan Khan, the story of this movie revolves around a father and daughter who love each other very much, the father takes care of the daughter after the death of the mother. Raised and shouldering the full responsibility of parenthood alone, the father in this film wants to see his daughter become a successful person through education, but the daughter’s dream is a little different and she wants to go abroad for higher education. While the father is not willing to separate his daughter from himself, this story revolving around the same repetition of ideas is the best way for both parents and children to understand each other.

3. Dangal:

The film ‘Dangal’ directed by Nitish Tawari hit the theaters in 2016 and was loved by moviegoers due to its excellent story.
In the story of this film, an important issue of the society was raised and it was made clear that both son and daughter are equal.
In this film, Aamir Khan plays the role of a man who wants his son to fulfill his unfulfilled dream and win India a gold medal in the wrestling competition, but the obstacle to the fulfillment of this dream is that Aamir Khan’s Yes, instead of a son, 3 daughters are born in a row and he gets disappointed, but then he starts the struggle to make his daughters a wrestler like his son.

4. Kapoor & Sons:

The film ‘Kapoor and Sons’ was released in 2016 and directed by Shikan Batra, the story of this film shows the problems that arise after the children grow up, in the film, a frail father expresses his wish that he should die before he dies. Wanting to see his entire family together and take a picture with them, to fulfill this wish, when the Pawar family gathers under one roof after years, all old talk and bitter memories come to the fore.
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