Popular drama ‘Tere Bin’ season 2 announced

'Tere Bin' season 2 announced

Season 2 of the popular drama ‘Tere Bin’ has been announced. After the last episode of the blockbuster drama ‘Tere Bin’, which is popular all over the world including Pakistan, season 2 of this drama has been announced.
The first episode of the drama ‘Tere Bin’ was aired on 28 December 2022, after which it became popular all over the world. on 6 July 2023) was broadcast.

The 58-episode drama revolves around the characters of Wahaj Ali (Murtisam) and Yamuna Zaidi (Meereb), who play the role of a married couple, but their conflicts, misunderstandings, love, and tension. is shown.
Bushra Ansari, Hara Soomro, Sabina Farooq, Fazila Qazi, and Farhan Ali Agha among others have played roles in the drama.
After the final episode of the drama aired, producer Abdullah Kadwani took to Twitter to share a picture of Wahaj Ali cutting a cake with Mirb and wrote that the journey of ‘Tere Bin’ has come to an end. This has never happened before in the history of, on this incredible journey and strong demand from the audience, I announce ‘Tere Bin’ season two.
The producer thanked Allah for making ‘Tere Bin’ the biggest blockbuster drama in the history of Pakistani drama, adding in his tweet that the success of this drama is the result of hard work.

He wrote that ‘The on-screen pairing of Wahaj Ali and Yamuna Zaidi, who play the lead roles of Murtsam and Meerab in the drama, has played an important role in making ‘Tere Bin’ a masterpiece. has touched hearts, and is being appreciated around the world.’
Apart from this, after the last episode of the drama ‘Tere Bin’ aired yesterday, Yamuna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali also praised and thanked each other on their Instagram.

Wahaj Ali wrote that ‘There are very few actors who see the best potential in you, those actors play an important role in making you better.’
He further wrote that ‘Meerab is for me and Mirtasam’. But pushed forward, I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together.’
“Looking forward to working more with Yemeni in the future,” actor Wahaj wrote. Wahaj wrote at the end that ‘Murtsam Khan was only because of Mirb.’

Apart from this, Wahaj Ali wrote in another Instagram post that ‘6 months and the amount of love and respect received during this period was no less than a dream come true.’
“But in the meantime, the criticism, the love from the fans, the messages, and the phone calls made me realize that this is just the beginning, I want to do more.”
He said, “I know who I am and what I want to do, but even so, I have made some mistakes, which I am happy about because I will be able to learn from these mistakes in the future.”
“I will always remember Murtasam’s character which is very close to my heart,” Wahaj added.

Yamuna Zaidi also thanked her fans on her Instagram account and wrote ‘now it’s time to say goodbye to this journey, this journey started with the efforts of hundreds of people and is now ending with the love of billions of people. ‘
Thank you for keeping ‘Tere Bin’ close to your heart, thank you for loving the roles we played so much, Yamuna wrote, adding that I was selected for ‘Meerab’ and ‘Murtasam’ made it even more beautiful. Made it.
Yamuna tagged Wahaj and wrote, “Thank you for working with me and bringing color to the world of Meerab and Mirtasam, the magical chemistry of this couple would not have been possible without you.”
Apart from this, Bushra Ansari also thanked the team of ‘Tere Bin’.

The drama, which aired on Jio Entertainment for 6 months, faced several controversies during this time, the first of which was the drama’s title song, which was accused by fans of copying an Indian song.
Apart from this, the teaser of episode 47 of the drama hinted at marital rape between Mirtasam and Merib, which created a stir on social media.
After this teaser, the producers and writers of the drama faced severe criticism on social media for several days, another accusation was leveled against the drama after the 47th episode was released.
Fans on social media platforms expressed surprise at the ‘unexpected twist’ in the drama, saying that the ‘story of the drama has been changed’.
Viewers have alleged that some scenes from the drama have been deleted, and Murtisam and Mireb’s scenes have allegedly had a ‘WhatsApp quality’ voiceover added.
The discussion was still going on on social media that 2 days after the release of the episode of the drama, Pemra had also issued a warning notice to Geo Entertainment.
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