Launch of Mehwish Hayat production company

Mehwish Hayat production company

Famous Lollywood actress Mehwish Hayat launches an international film Production company. Actress Mehwish Hayat officially announced the production company on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. She wrote, ‘I am very excited to introduce you to something like this. which I have been working on for some time.’
Mehwish Hayat said that I have talked a lot about the representation of Muslims and Pakistanis in the western media. And over time it has become clear to me that talking is not enough and we can no longer wait for mainstream change. If we want to change these perceptions, we have to take matters into our own hands.

Mehwish Hayat production company owner dressed beautifully
From Mehwish Hayat Instagram:

He said that this is why I have started Pink Lama films in the UK. I believe it is the only way to create a narrative about who we are and what we stand for.
Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat added, “I recently had the opportunity to star in the Miss Marvel series, which reinforced my belief in how important representation is.”
Mehwish Hayat added, ‘At Pink Lama Films, my partners and I are committed to producing authentic, thought provoking and heart touching content. “I hope that by doing this we can break down stereotypes and promote greater understanding and acceptance in the world,” he said.
The Miss Marvel actress said, “I’m thrilled with the response we’ve already received and proud to work with so many award-winning partners with whom we’ve developed an amazing list of projects. .” which I couldn’t wait to share with you guys and I hope you’ll join me on this journey. And if you think you have a story, let me know through the website.

“As a Muslim woman, I am passionate about creating content that reflects the experiences and perspectives of people from Muslim-majority cultures,” she said. I believe it is important for our voices to be heard and our stories to be told in a world where they are often marginalized or misrepresented.
It should be noted that actress Mehwish Hayat recently revealed in a private talk show that she is soon opening her new film company ‘Pink Lama Films’ in the UK which will work on international projects including Pakistan. Said that she would make films and web series through Pink Lama Films that would end Islamophobia and anti-Pakistan propaganda and show a positive image of Pakistan.
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