Pakistani dramas based on true stories

5 Pakistani dramas based on true stories

5 Pakistani Dramas Based on true Stories.Friends Pakistani dramas are very famous all over the world for their real stories and natural acting. Our drama writers are also very amazing, they write whatever story they write thinking that the viewer gets lost in the story and many writers write stories inspired by their own life or the life of people around them and reality. About stories that you guys have seen and loved these dramas. But you guys may not know that the stories of these dramas are based on real life. So today we will tell you about five such dramas of Pakistan. Gay whose stories were based on real life.

01: Drama serial Baaghi.

Among the Pakistani dramas based on true stories, we have the first Pakistani drama Baaghi. Dostoun drama serial Baaghi was aired in 2017 and it was the biggest hit drama of that year. In this drama, the main role was played by the top actress in Pakistan, Saba Qamar. Saba Qamar is known for her natural acting and no one could have played this role better than her. The story of this drama is based on the real-life of the famous Pakistani social media influencer late Qandeel Baloch. The story of this drama is based on the real-life of the late famous Pakistani social media influencer Qandeel Baloch. In this drama, it is shown that Qandeel Baloch was an ordinary girl from a small village who had big and high dreams and made a name for herself in the world. She wanted to make it, but her family was too tired of her dreams. Then she got married, but her husband turned out to be very cruel, and after the divorce, the mother could not even meet her son. Then the story takes a serious turn when Qandeel Baloch leaves everything and comes to the city to become a superstar. But then she gets a royalty check that there is only one way to work in this field without connections and money. To get and that is to sell your body. And then Qandeel Baloch, seeing the indifference of this world, becomes insensitive herself and becomes a rebel and crosses all limits of boldness. Her family also used to indulge in her money, but then like in real life. In the same way, it was shown that Qandeel’s beloved younger brother kills him in the name of honor. Saba Qamar says that when she was working on this play, Qandeel used to come to her in her dreams and tell her that I Give justice and that time was very difficult for her. Friends, this play was written by Umera Ahmed while Farooq Rand directed it. The cast of this play is Saba Qamar, Usman Khalid Butt, Khalid Malik, Sarmad Khost, Nimra Khan, Nida Afghan, and Shuja Haider were included. Saba Qamar also received the 70th Style Lakes Award in the same year.

Pakistani dramas Baaghi based on true stories Cast name.
Drama Serial Baaghi Cast:
02: Drama serial Khani.

Among Pakistani dramas based on true stories, we have the number two Pakistani drama Khani. Dostoun drama serial Khani was the biggest drama of Feroze Khan’s career. The story of the drama was based on a real-life incident. In 2012, a corrupt Emirzade of a very powerful and rich political family in Karachi killed an innocent middle-class boy unjustly. And the surprising thing was that the police did not take any action against this beast. He flatly refused. And this case went on for many years and the accused was sometimes arrested and then released for the temporary comfort of the family members. The story of the drama serial Khani was also similar. The only difference was that in the drama serial Khani, it was shown that the sister of the victim went to the last extreme and took revenge for her brother. falls in love and this is his greatest punishment because failure in love destroys his soul. The play shows that Mir Hadi regrets his actions and confesses his crime in court. And he wants to just die and embrace him, but just in time, Khani forgives him and increases his punishment by saying now you will burn in this fire for the rest of your life. Friends, this play was written by Asma Nabil while Anjum Shahzad directed it while Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi were the producers of this play. Sana Javed, Feroze Khan, Mahmood Aslam Taman Ansari, Malik Imad, and Salman are in the main cast of this play. Hussain, Rashid Farooqui, Ramsha Ahmed, Shahzain Rahat, Muhammad Mubarak Ali, Qavi Khan, Sami Pasha, and Khushi Mahin were included.

Drama Seial Kahani Cast
Drama Serial Kahani Cast:
03: Drama Serial Sadqay Tumhare.

Among the Pakistani dramas based on true stories, we have the Pakistani drama Sadke Tumere Ataye at number three. The story of Dosto Sadke Tumere was written by the most famous drama writer in Pakistan, Khalilur Rehman Qamar. And he proudly told me that the story of this drama is my life. It’s a true story. The story showed that Khalilur Rahman Qamar and Shanu love each other immensely and are ready to give their lives to get each other, but the cruel society comes between their love and their close relatives. They become enemies and continue to make numerous evil plots against them both and then they are separated from each other forever. At the end of the play, it is shown that Shanu, the love of Khalilur Rehman Qamar, dies. Khalilur Rehman Qamar said that when this drama was aired on TV, many of my sisters told me that they received calls from this drama and that they should not air this drama on TV because it revealed many secrets of our family. There would be too much disrespect. But I said that now I will openly tell everyone the eternal story of my love. Friends’ drama serial Sadke Tumre was written by Khalilur Rehman Qamar and Ehtishamuddin directed it while Momina Doreed and Samina Humayun were among the producers of this drama. Saeed and Tariq Shah were involved. The main cast of this drama includes Sami Mumtaz, Mahira Khan, Adnan Malik, Ryan Sheikh, Tahira Imran, Farhan Ali Agha, Sohail Khan, and Sania Shamshed.

Drama Serial Sadqay Tumhare Cast
Drama Serial Sadqay Tumhare Cast:
04: Drama Serial Zabaish.

Among the Pakistani dramas based on true stories, we have the Pakistani drama Zebaish on number four. Dostoun drama serial Zebaish was written by the famous Pakistani actress and writer Bushra Ansari. Not only from her own life, but also from the lives of the people around her, she wrote.But despite getting millions of fans and countless awards, she is not able to please her husband and he is always angry with her for some reason or the other. Her husband also wants a woman who earns money. And the housekeeper also indulges in money and makes new demands every day and complains that you can never bake bread for me. And after that it is shown that despite the young children, she is loyal to her. He cheats on his wife and marries her again and divorces her standing up and she goes in shock that the person whom I loved so much all my life, for whom I broke my bones and he In the eyes of me, I had only such status.And you all know that something similar happened to Bushra Ansari in real life too. The drama serial Zebaish was written by Bushra Ansari while Iqbal Hussain directed it and Momina Doreed was the producer of the drama. Zahra Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Bushra Ansari, Ismail Abbas, Zoya Nasir, Babar Ali, Qavi Khan, Adnan Shah Tipu, Ali Khan, Shahbir Khan, Iqbal Hussain, Shaheen Khan, Salma Zafar, Hammad Shoaib in the main cast of drama serial Zabaish., Sadaf Nasir, Sajid Shah and Fatima Zahra Malik were included.

Drama Serial Zebaish Cast
Drama Serial Zebaish Cast:
05: Drama serial Tere Bin.

Among the Pakistani dramas based on true stories, we have the Pakistani drama Tere Bin On at number five. Friends drama serial Tere Bin writer Noora Makhdoom said in an interview that Tere Bin of stories was inspired by a true story. He said that the same thing happened to a friend of mine. At the age of 22, 23, he found out that my parents were not mine, but they had adopted me and all of a sudden, my life was ruined. She went because her identity was lost and she was completely broken inside that whom she believed to be her parents all her life, in reality I have nothing to do with them and after that how much pain came in her life and how sad she was. I have written in this story.And because of her grief, she became very stubborn and self-centered, and when she was married against her will and her dreams were shattered, she decided that now I should take revenge from everyone. And then she makes everyone’s life a torment that if I am not happy then no one can be happy. Friends drama serial Tere Bin Noora Makhdoom was written while Sirajul Haque directed it and Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi acted in this drama. The main cast of the drama serial Tere Bin Ki includes Yamna Zaidi, Wahaj Ali, Sabina Zaidi, Mahmood Aslam, Bashri Ansari, Sameer Sohail, and Farhan Ali Agha.

Drama Serial Tere Bin Cast
Drama Serial Tere Bin Cast:

Friends, these were the dramas whose stories were written by the writers inspired by their lives or the lives around them. I know that every human being has had some such incident in their life or some such pain that they have experienced in others. wants to tell and tell that something has happened in my life which you can never imagine or you will never get to see in your life.

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