Dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars

Dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars

Those Pakistani drama worlds have turned Pakistani celebrities into stars in both. There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan as Pakistanis are known for producing excellent dramas and many of our projects are trending not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Pakistani TV channels have created many stories that have become classics and people still enjoy watching them. In the last decade and a half, we’ve got a whole new generation of stars who are considered A-listers these days and people will watch any project with their name attached to it.
This is a list of Pakistani mega hit dramas that made Pakistani celebrities superstars today.

No:01. Fawad Khan

Famous Pakistani actor Fawad Khan was a successful singer and had done acting projects that were critically acclaimed, he also worked for Khuda, but the drama serial Humsafar made him a superstar, after which he starred in several Indian films. He has done big projects, including Sonam Kapoor’s “Khoobsurat”, starring in “Kapoor and Sons” with Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra, while also appearing in “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”.

Pakistani celebrities into stars Fawad Khan
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No:02. Mahira Khan:

Actress Mahira Khan started her career as a VJ and later became a film star with her first acting project “Bol” but “Humsafar” and Shahrzaat made her a star after which she never looked back. And today she is seen working in very big Pakistani films.

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No:03. Sanam Saeed:

Actress Sanam Saeed did many Pakistani dramas like ‘Baham Daam’ and ‘Mera Naseeb’ but nothing was achieved but the drama serial ‘Zandagi Gulzar Hai’ and her famous character Kashf Murtaza made her a star within a few days. Sanam Saeed has done many dramas for Pakistan till now and has also acted in films. Sanam Saeed has also acted in the 2021 web series Qateel Hussain. Zindagi Gulzar Hai was one of the popular Pakistani dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars.

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No:04. Farhan Saeed:

Farhan Saeed is a famous and successful Pakistani musician who decided to step into the field of acting and did projects like ‘The Permit Jo Tujhe’ and mega hit ‘Odari’ but ‘Sano Chanda’ attracted a lot of people. , after which he started the super drama serial ‘Mere Humsafar’. ” also went on to top ratings, with Haniya Aamir playing the lead role opposite him. Sanu Chanda was the drama that boosted the careers of both Farhan Saeed and Iqraaziz and made them stars within days. Did Farhan Saeed Also currently working in the popular TV drama Jhok Sarkar?

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No:05.Iqra Aziz

Renowned actress Iqra Aziz worked in dramas like Maul, Laaj, Chhoti Si Zindagi, and Gustakh Ishq. But Iqra Aziz also became a Pakistani superstar with her acting after the release of “Sunu Chanda” and Ranjha Ranjha Kurdi. Sanu Chanda was also one of the popular Pakistani dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars, as Iqra Uzair’s career peaked with this drama.

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No:06. Feroze Khan

Actor Feroze Khan was seen acting in several dramas before, including the famous drama Gul Rana, but then Khani’s Mir Hadi took him to the heights of fame and made him a Pakistani star within days. It may be recalled that the role of Feroze Khan in Khani was first offered to Mohsin Abbas Haider, who turned it down.

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No:07. Sana Javed

Sana Javed acted in popular Pakistani dramas like Shahr Zaat, Mera Pehla Pyaar, and Pyare Afzal. Actress Sana Javed had also done good projects like “Pyare Afzal” and “Zara Yadkar Wa” but “like Feroze Khan, Sana Javed also became a star of Pakistan with Khani drama.”

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No:08. Sajal Ali

Actress Sajal Ali has worked hard to reach this point today, she has done many popular dramas including “Gul Raana”, “Journey of Faith”, “Yeh Meera Dil”, “And Angan” and shows the essence of acting in several mega projects, while Bali Wood also did a mega project with leading Indian actress Sridevi in ​​the film “Maan” and was seen in the lead role in the recently released international Jemima Goldsmith’s “What Love Got to Do It”, followed by Sajal Ali. She has become an international star.

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No:09. Ahad Raza Mir

Actor Ahad Raza Mir didn’t have to try for long, he got a big film, made his acting debut with “Varaaz Hai Junoon” and the drama serial “Sami” and the role of Dr. Asfandyar in “Journey of Belief”, while After playing the role of the army in the role of Wafa, his fame increased further, which made him the star of Pakistan.

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No:10. Yumna zaidi

Actress Yemuna Zaidi has set an example of winning the race with determination, the actress has done many strong and varied roles in her career, including dramas like “Rawzaan”, “Dar Si Jaati Hai Seela”, “Pyaar Ke Sadake”. But Pakistan’s famous playwright Tere Bin took him to the heights of fame and made him a Pakistani star.

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No:11. Wahaj Ali

Actor Wahaj Ali has shown his acting chops in many dramas. He has acted in many dramas for Pakistan but he did not get any special status, but his recent drama serial “Tere Bin” made him a superstar. The drama serial Tere Bin was one of the famous Pakistani dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars.

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No:12. Bilal Abbas Khan

Actor Bilal Abbas has also done several hit projects, including “Ae Rangreza”, “Dobara”, Qurban, and the movie “Lal”, his super hit project that made him a star is Ae Rangreza.

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No:13. Hania Amir

Actress Hania Aamir has done good roles in successful dramas before but the role of Rumi in “Isaqiya” made her famous and she started to be counted as a famous star of Pakistan, after which the blockbuster drama serial “Mere Humsafar”. added to her fame and now she is seen playing the lead role in the ongoing drama serial “Mujay Pyar Hua Tha”.

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No:14. Ramsha Khan

Famous Pakistani actress Ramsha Khan won hearts with her performance in the drama Hum Tum Mein. “Hum Tum” has helped him reach the heights even though he has done big hits like “Wah Kisa Hai Naseeba”, “Ishqiya” and “Ghasipati Mohabbate”.

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No:15. Sarah Khan

Sara Khan was loved by people for her positive roles, but her role as the strong-headed Miral in “Sabat” made people realize how versatile she is. Sara Khan followed by Musa and Zahra made a place in every heart in “Raqsa Bismal” which will be remembered forever. Raaqs Bismil was the drama that boosted Sara Khan’s career and made her a star in Pakistan. The drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil was one of the famous Pakistani dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars.

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No:16. Ayeza Khan

The well-known versatile actress Ayeza Khan is one of the biggest stars of the industry with some big projects to her name but “Piyare Afzal” catapulted her into the world of stardom, after which the actress bagged mega projects which added to her fame. More were added, including “Love Tum Se Hai”, “Yariyan” and “Mere Paas Tum Ho”. Mere Paas Tum Ho is a Pakistani drama that is considered one of the historical and record-breaking dramas of Pakistan.

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No:17. Hamza Ali Abbasi

“Piyare Afzal” is the Pakistani drama that made people fall in love with Hamza Ali Abbasi. After that he did projects like ‘Alif’ and ‘The Legend of Moolah Jat’ but Afzal is the one that people remember even today. Pyare Afzal is a drama based on the life of famous Pakistani playwright Khalilur Rehman Qamar.

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No:18. Danish Taimur

Danish Taimur is a great actor and he did movies too but “Deewangi” is the drama that made Danish Taimur a Pakistani star in the true sense. Danish Taimur has given super hit dramas to Pakistan like Ishq Hai after Dewangi and Kesi Teri Self-interest.

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No:19. Ahmed Ali Akbar

Actor Ahmed Ali Akbar also worked on several projects, he also acted in the famous drama Ahad Wafa, but his drama serial “Preezaad” made him a superstar, after which his fans saw him again on screen. Ahmed Ali Akbar will soon be seen on the platform of Green Entertainment with a huge drama edit.

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No:20. Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf started his career as a supporting actor but after playing the role of Shamu in ‘Alf Allah Aur Insan’, he finally appeared in the mega super hit drama ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kurdi’ which made Imran Ashraf a Pakistani superstar. Bhola, the character of this play, gained worldwide fame. After that, Imran Ashraf also gave Pakistan a super hit drama like Rex Bismal.

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No:21. Maya Ali

Actress Maya Ali had hit films like “New Cinderella” and “On Zara”, both of which were huge hits, but “Min Mile” gave her stardom and fame, while Manu is still used for memes. Is.

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No:22. Urwa Hocane

Urwa Hussain arrived as a star with the critically acclaimed Udaari. She was fantastic in the drama and people fell in love with her character. The drama serial Udari was one of the famous Pakistani dramas that turned Pakistani celebrities into stars.

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No:23. Mawra Hocane

Actress Mawra Hussain got a lot of fame in Bollywood too but the drama serial “Sami” made her a star. After that, she gave Pakistan a very good drama Qasa Meher Banu. Mawra Hussain will soon be seen in the drama serial Nowroz on the Green Entertainment platform where she will play a unique role.

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No:24. Hira Mani

Actress Hara Mani hosted and appeared in shows with her husband after which she made her acting debut with “Preet Na Kari Koi” but “Do Bol” made her a megastar.

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No:25. Kabra Khan

Actress Kabra Khan started her acting career with “Mawsaaf” after which she was seen in “Naa Naaad Aradhan”, and then she showed her acting skills in the television series “A” and “Sing-e Mah”, her super hit drama “Mawsaaf”. did not let him turn back but every project adds to his fame.
These are the Pakistani stars who rose to fame with a single drama serial, while many actors had to work tirelessly.

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