Shahroz Sabzwari does not consider her an actor, Natasha Hussain

Shahroz Sabzwari does not consider her an actor, Natasha Hussain

Natasha Hussain clarified that Shahroz Sabzwari’s father Behroz Sabzwari was the best actor but she does not consider Shahroz Sabzwari as an actor. Model, host, and actress Natasha Hussain says that she feels that Shahruz Sabzwari got acting opportunities due to nepotism and she does not consider herself an actor.
Natasha Hussain started her career as a model and later tried her luck in hosting and then acting. She is one of the past supermodels of Pakistan and modeled for a decade and a half.

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From Natasha Hussain Instagram:

She recently appeared on A Plus talk show, where she revealed that she had opened her salon before starting a modeling career and wanted to become a beauty artist.
According to her, when she started modeling, there was no fashion industry in Pakistan, other models including her worked and built the fashion industry and now there is a big platform for models.

According to her, in the past, when she used to go to foreign countries to do fashion shows, foreigners used to ask her where Pakistan is located. But now foreigners cannot ask such questions.
In a segment of the program, in response to a question, he said that he does not consider a new girl, Sonia Imam, as a model.

According to them, the said models are very pretentious and their behavior is such that they do not consider them as models.
Similarly, in response to a question, Natasha Hussain said that in her eyes Amina Haq is a bad actress, she does not know how to act, although she was a very good model, as an actress, she does not like her.
The host asked her which actress or actresses she thinks have gotten too much fame in the junk. On this, Natasha Hussain avoided naming any personality and said that there is no such personality in her eyes.

The host then asked them which producer, director, model or actor is or was a bad person. To this he replied that Alia Latif was a very popular model in the past, she was bad-tempered.
She claimed that since she was a senior model, fashion designers would also give her the responsibility of rehearsing new models and then selecting the models.
Natasha Hussain said that Alia Latif used to reject every model who was beautiful and good.
The host asked the actress about which actor or actress she thinks got work or fame due to nepotism, to which Natasha Hussain named Shahroz Sabzwari.
Natasha Hussain clarified that Shahroz Sabzwari’s father Behroz Sabzwari was a great actor and at the same time, Natasha Hussain said that she does not consider Shahroz Sabzwari an actor and that she feels that she is nepotistic because of her father. But it works.

At the same time, the host made it clear that his question was not intended to offend anyone.
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