Unmarried Actresses of Pakistan

5 Unmarried Actresses of Pakistan

Unmarried Actresses of Pakistan. Friends, marriage is the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and family life is given a lot of priority in Islam. 3 celebrities got married on time and today they are living a happy life with their children. But many actresses have reached old age but have not married yet. Today we present you Pakistan. Let us tell you about some such actresses who have earned a lot of respect, fame, and wealth but still they are not able to get married.

No:01: Resham.

Reshma comes at number 1 unmarried actresses of Pakistan. Friends Resham was born on 2nd October 1968 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Resham entered the film industry in 1995. Filmstar Resham has worked in Lollywood films for many years and has carved a niche for himself. He has acted in more than three hundred films in his career for which he was also honored with the Pride of Performance Award in 2021. While in 1999, he was also awarded Nigar Award. And her fans were also millions and especially men loved her dancing and her performances very much. His famous films include Jeeva, Chor Machoy Shoor, Ghonghat, Sangam, Dupta Jal Raha Hai, Antha, Janat Ki Tanha, Pul Doopal, Reshma, Tofan, Pehla Pehla Pyaar, and Tarap. After the decline of Lollywood films, she turned to TV dramas and was successful there as well. And in numerous reality shows, he is also called a judge. Despite immense wealth and fame, Resham has not married till now, but she runs away from the name of marriage, and her age is already 55 years. According to a report, she had said in June 2017 that she would marry a European businessman and move there in 2018, but nothing happened. Once when Resham was asked in an interview why he has not married yet, he said that it is not that no one has ever come into his life. I loved her and wanted to adopt her, but maybe we were not in luck and we kept on talking. She said that I still think that if I get married, I will spend the rest of her life alone without a partner, but I When I see the environment around me, I get scared, seeing the trend of divorce of actresses, I think if the relationship does not work out after waiting for so many years to get married, then what will happen to the world. I will show you, that’s why I think that the respect that is a child should remain a child, what is the need to get into tension.

No:02: Zara Sheikh.

Zara Sheikh comes at number 2 unmarried actresses of Pakistan. Zara Sheikh (May 7, 1978) was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Zara Sheikh has acted in films like Tere Pyaar Mein (2000), Salakheen (2004), and Lodge (2003). At the Nigar Awards and won the Lux Style Award for Best Actress for her performance in ‘Lodge.’ Shaan Shahid appeared as the hero with him. This film became a huge blockbuster and this film did record-breaking business in that era. After that, Zara Sheikh acted in numerous films, commercials, and music videos and especially she appeared in many projects with Mikal Zulfikar but then suddenly disappeared and left showbiz as well, due to which fans were also very worried that where did Zara Sheikh go. Then suddenly after 10 years, Zara Sheikh made an explosive entry in the famous drama Rax-e-Bismal where fans were happy to see her. Many people criticized her look and acting. People said that Zara seems Sheikh is still living in old times. Zahra Sheikh is still not married despite being fifty years old, this was a question for everyone. He said in an interview that many years ago a big accident happened to him, after which he could not get out of the depression until today. Now it has become difficult for me to trust anyone. and he also made many promises to me but when the time came for marriage, he cheated on me and that is the reason why I am not married to date. Zara is talking about the famous actor Michal Zulfiqar. Because at one time there was a lot of talk about their love, not only that, but there were also rumors of their engagement, but after Zara sheikh disappeared from the public scene, all this news got cold and after that Mikal Zulfikar. also got married to someone else. Now, how much truth is there in these things, either Zara sheikh knows it, or Mikal Zulfiqar does. In the famous films of Dostun Zara Sheikh, Tere Pyaar Mein, Chalo Ishq Laday, Laaj, Commando, this promise was, Bars, Tere Bin Jeeana Jaay, Pehal Pehal Pyaar, Kabhi Na Pear Karna, Onerkling, Jung and Heer Maan Jaay are included.

Zara Sheikh:
No:03: Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar comes at number 3 unmarried actresses of Pakistan. Friends, Saba Qamar is a seasoned actress who has worked in both TV and film and has also worked in Bollywood.Saba Qamar was born on April 5, 1984 in Hyderabad, Sindh province, Pakistan. His father died when he was fifty-five and he spent most of his childhood with his grandmother in Gujranwala.He did his primary education in Gujranwala and then moved to Lahore for further education. He belongs to Karachi. Sabaqumar is now forty years old but still unmarried۔She said in an interview that when she entered show business, a man came into her life to whom she was very loyal but he did not turn out to be loyal. Then one day he thought that Saba Qamar is a bold showbiz girl, I can’t marry her, so I will marry a decent girl then he married his cousin and left Saba Qamar in the middle of the road. Saba Qamar says that after this my trust in men has increased and I thought that I will never get married again. Friends Saba Qamar had hinted about marrying a person on social media a few months ago and some Days later she announced that I was too hasty to trust this person but today I announce that I will not marry this person. After that, this person also apologized to Saba Qamar, and Many video messages were released, but Saba Qamar’s decision was irrevocable. Even today, Saba Qamar is teasing her fans that someone has come into her life, but no one knows when she will marry this person. Saba Qamar started her career with the PTV drama Aurat Hoon. Apart from this, he acted in famous dramas like ‘Dastan’, ‘Pani Jesa Pyaar’, and ‘And Maat’. Saba Qamar is also the host of the program Hum Subb Omid Se Hain. She was awarded the best actress award at PTV’s 16th award show held in 2011. He is ranked fourth in Pakistan based on his achievements, while in addition, in 2016, he also received the Pride of Performance in recognition of outstanding work in the fields of arts. You say we, don’t know why, pride, destiny, son of man, uncle, example, darkness in the sun, love happens like this, don’t say you are not mine and there is no love here.

Saba Qamar:
No:04: Mehwish Hayat.

 Mehwish Hayat comes at number 4 unmarried actresses of Pakistan. Mehwish Hayat was born on January 6, 1988, in Karachi, Pakistan. 45-year-old Mehwish Hayat is still a virgin. He started his showbiz career on TV and after giving great performances in several dramas, he turned to films after becoming a successful film star, he never looked back to TV. Popular movies include Inshallah, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, Unknown People, Actor in Law, Team, Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2, and Load Wedding. People wonder why they are not getting married despite getting everything. Mehwish Hayat himself said in an interview my mother often tells me that I should get married now. And my answer to them is always that when a perfect man comes into my life then I will get married. Some people also say that the reason why they are not married is because of their numerous affairs because every day some of their videos are leaked, but Mehwish says that all these videos are fake, but their rights. I even went to the Sindh High Court to raise that voice.

6 Unmarried Actresses of Pakistan on no 4 Mehwish Hayat.
Mehwish Hayat:
No:05: Aisha Omar.

Aisha Omar comes at number 5 unmarried actresses of Pakistan. Ayesha Umar was born on October 12, 1981, in Lahore, in Pakistan. Aisha was one year old when her father died and her mother raised her and her brother. Ayesha Umar describes her childhood as tough and independent. Ayesha studied at Lahore Grammar School and joined the National College of Arts for further education. Ayesha Umar is one of the most famous and highest-paid actresses in Pakistan. Ayesha Umar is also considered a style iconIn 2019, he was awarded the Fakhar Pakistan Medal by Warsi International Organization (Pakistan). Ayesha Umar released her album in 2012, which includes the songs Chale Chale and Kahumi. Ayesha received the Lux Style Award for Best Album Award for this album. Ayesha Omar started her film career with the successful 2015 romantic film Karachi Se Lahore, followed by a supporting role in the war-based film Yilgar (2017). Ayesha Umar Bubblele and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are among the famous plays. 45-year-old Ayesha Umar, who is still unmarried, says that earlier she used to be very attracted to beautiful people, but as she grew older and became more conscious, she realized that beauty is of no use. If the person himself is not well. Now I am taking a long time to choose a life partner because good people seem to be gone in the world.

Pakistani unmarried actor Aisha Omar.
Aisha Omar:
No:06: Yamuna Zaidi.

Yamuna Zaidi comes at number 6 unmarried actresses of Pakistan. Yamuna Zaidi was born on July 30, 1989 in Quaid Karachi, Pakistan. But most of her childhood was spent in Arifwala, where her parents (father, Zamindar Zaidi, who died in June 2019, and mother, Shabana Naheed Zaidi, who was a housewife)) lived. Then he went to Sahiwal and Lahore to get an education. Yamuna Zaidi belongs to Arifwala, a city in the Pakpattan district of Punjab. Since childhood, Yamuna had the germs of acting in her, which her family realized and then started supporting her fully, but Yamuna herself never wanted to act. I did not think of making it a career. He decided to enter the showbiz industry at the insistence of his friend “Affan Waheed”.Yamna Zaidi, who looks 20 years old on the screen of Friends, is 35 years old. Although she is a little younger than other unmarried actresses, she says that my mother is always behind me when I will get married. When will you get married? And I say to her that let me concentrate on my career, become something now, but she says that it is better not to get old in the cycle of success, so get married soon. In Yamuna Zaidi’s famous dramas, exhaustion, Khushi Ek Rog, Tere Rah Gaya Gaya, Meri Dilari, Aloo Bhai Farkhat Nai, Dil Mahale Ki Hawili, Rishte Kuch Adhore Se, Sanata, Who Should You Call, Mosam, Gharsh, Chagno, Panjra, Yeh Raha Dil, Pakar, Dil Kya Kare, Denial, Small Small Talks, Ishq Zahe Nasib, Razalfat, Love Charity, Sanf Ahan, Dil Na Omid to Nai and Tere Bin are included.

6 Unmarried Actresses of Pakistan on No 1 Yamuna Zaidi.
Yamuna Zaidi:

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