When I am sad, I look at Hania Aamir’s Instagram, Hira Mani

When I am sad, I look at Hania Aamir's Instagram، Hira Mani

Pakistani actress Hira Mani has revealed that I look at Hania Aamir’s Instagram when I’m sad.
Actress Hara Mani has been seen in various roles on the drama screen.
He has played serious roles including horror, and comedy, while in the field of singing, he has been appreciated by the listeners, however, after leaving the drama screen, Hara Mani made an entry on the silver screen and in the film ‘Teri Meri Kaani’, he is the director. Nabeel appeared in Qureshi’s short, horror-comedy film ‘Jin Mahal’ alongside her husband, Salman Saqib Shaikh (Mani).
In an exclusive conversation with Geo Digital, Hara talked about her acting journey and said, “I have played many roles but the lead role of Kashf in the drama serial ‘Kashf’ has been my favorite. I enjoyed playing this role. Aya, I prefer doing serious roles.’
On the question of content-driven stories i.e. stories that are closer to reality, are our viewers used to watching such stories or does it take time to get them to watch something different, for example, Saas Bahu?
The actress replied, ‘The audience has the remote in their hand and they know what they want to see, I think our audience now wants to see something different, something new and they may have come to us, the audience watches our work. “Likes” means they want to see us, but it may take some time for us to create content for them.’
Hara Mani’s various videos are viral on social media. She created a talk account last year where she often posts videos on various song lyrics and film dialogues, including humorous content.
During the interview, when the actress was asked about what difference social media makes in our life. She said that I like to see other people’s Instagram accounts, I enjoy it a lot, when Khabi is sad, I look at Hania Aamir’s Instagram, she is doing a lot of art, and seeing this brightens my mood. Looking at the account of Ayeza and Danish, their love for each other is very good, while Sajal’s captions are very poetic and deep, which is good to read.

Image From Hania Aamir Instagram:
Hania Aamir's Image from Instagram
Image From Hania Aamir Instagram:

The actress added that she is a housewife and spends both Eids in the kitchen.
Hara said that she also organizes the feasts herself and she enjoys doing it because she doesn’t get to do it in the normal routine.
Q. If she was not an actress, what would she be?
At this, the actress laughed and said that from the beginning she had a desire to be a good wife, that may have been fulfilled, but if I was not an actress, I would have been a make-up artist.
Hara Mani said that she will be seen again on Har Pul Jio after almost seven years in director Mohsin Mizra’s new project.
About her role, she said that she is a very strong character that promotes women’s empowerment and viewers will enjoy it.

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