“Zaroori tha” was written in Ninth grade by Khalilur Rahman Qamar

"Zaroori tha" was written in Ninth grade by Khalilur Rahman Qamar

Well-known drama and film writer and poet Khalilur Rehman Qamar has revealed that he wrote his famous song ‘zaroori tha’ when he was studying in Class IX. ‘zaroori tha‘ is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and was released in 2014 under the Universal Music banner.

The said song has been viewed over one and a half billion times on YouTube and is considered Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s most popular song. The lyrics of the above song are written by Khalilur Rahman Qamar who has also written many other songs, plays and films.

Recently, Khalilur Rahman Qamar participated in Sama TV’s program ‘Gap Shab’ where he discussed various issues and also explained why he is afraid of traveling by air. The playwright said that 12 years ago he was trapped in an elevator for 40 minutes and the said incident had many effects on his mind and he became scared.

He said that after the above incident, he had not traveled by plane for two and a half years, he used to come from Lahore to Karachi by road, but now he takes sleeping pills during air travel. Khalilur Rahman Qamar said that whenever he travels by air, he takes sleeping pills because he is afraid of air travel.

In a segment of the program, he answered a question and said that if he got a chance to board the Titanic with either actress Saba Hameed or Mahira Khan, he would travel with Mahira Khan. At the same time, he made it clear that he respects both the mentioned women and especially Mahira Khan, although he may disagree with them on some issues.

Khalilur Rahman Qamar while talking about dramas said that after watching the last episode of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ in the cinema, some women came to him and fought with him that why did he kill Humayun Saeed? They said that the women’s husbands kept stopping them and explaining that it was just a drama, but these women did not understand anything.

Khalilur Rahman Qamar said that he explained to the women that Humayun Saeed was alive and that he could introduce them to him. Similarly, he told another incident that even when Hamza Ali Abbasi died in ‘Piyare Afzal’, people got angry with him and once during an air journey, a woman slapped him on the back and asked him to call Hamza Ali Abbasi. Ask the reason for killing?

In response to a question, he said that he wishes to write a book but now he has no time, but if someone gives him a lot of money, he will write a book. During the program, after humming a few lines of the poem ‘Thaori Tha’, he revealed that he had written the said poem when he was a student of Class IX.

He said that he used to write poetry in secret at that time, as his parents made it difficult for him to read English and that he had not written anything in Urdu for 10 years.

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