People say I have undergone voice surgery, Mawra Hussain

People say I have undergone voice surgery, Mawra Hussain

Famous actress Mawra Hussain says that recently she heard a rumor about her that she has undergone surgery to change her voice, after which she googled whether it was possible. Mawra Hussain has played impressive roles in many dramas including ‘Norooz’, ‘Neem’, ‘Stubb’, ‘Angan’ and others.

She faced a lot of trolling due to her voice in the early days of her career, with social media users believing that her voice was heavy and not suitable for the TV screen. In this regard, actress Mawra Hussain recently gave an interview to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and mentioned the rumors about her voice.

During the interview, he revealed that he had heard from people that he had undergone voice surgery. Maura said that recently she heard a rumor about her that people think her voice has changed.
“I think my voice was different about 10 years ago, I agree, but as I get older, people think my voice has changed,” she said.

The actress said that ‘a news channel wrote an article about my voice that Maura’s voice has changed because I have undergone voice changing surgery, I googled whether this is possible.’ Maura said that she learned from Google that voice surgery is not possible, after seeing the news article, she was shocked that people could even think that.

The actress said that she also asked her fans if her voice had changed and the fans also agreed. He said ‘I asked the fans about changing my voice and they also agreed, but why are people talking about my surgery? How is voice surgery possible? But I think my voice has automatically changed with age, I agree with my fans.

Mawra Hussain meanwhile mentioned another rumor related to his law degree. Mawra Hussain said that when I completed my law degree, a leading newspaper wrote an article about me saying that I bought my law degree from London for Rs 5 crore.

Mawra Hussain said, “First of all, if I have Rs 5 crore, I will not buy a degree, I will do something else,” she said with a laugh.The actress said that seeing this news article made her laugh a lot and she also showed it to her parents and sister. Mawra Hussain further said that you can’t buy a law degree from London for 5 crores, I don’t know how people think like that.

During the interview, Mawra Hussain also talked about the difference between India’s and Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He said that ‘just as dramas are made well in Pakistan, films are made well in India’. Mawra Hussain completed her law studies at the University of London in 2019 and also shared her convocation photos on social media accounts.

Mawra Hussain wrote in her post ‘I never thought that with my career I will ever complete my education, but today when I am on this stage, I feel extremely happy, everyone’s prayers. Thank you so much. Mawra enrolled in the LLB program in 2014, but decided to take a break from her studies due to an offer for the lead role in the Bollywood film ‘Sanam Teri Kaas’, but later completed her studies in 2017. What did you intend to do?

Regarding opting for advocacy, he said, ‘Before opting for advocacy, I also studied medicine for 6 months, after that I studied fashion designing for another 6 months. I wanted to do something that inspired me, and eventually, advocacy inspired me.

Interestingly, Mawra Hussain also holds a Diploma in Law from the University of London, apart from which she was awarded the highest marks in South Asia in Contract Law. However, this time Mawra Hussain will take both career and education together, but her priority is education.

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