‘Pyare Afzal’, who slapped Khalilur Rahman

'Pyare Afzal', who slapped Khalilur Rahman

Pakistani script writer, director and poet Khalilur Rahman told about the slap of an elderly lady for killing ‘Afzal’ in his most popular play ‘Pyare Afzal’. In Khalilur Rehman’s drama ‘Pyare Afzal’ aired in 2013, well-known actor Hamza Ali Abbasi played the lead role named ‘Afzal’ which was loved by Pakistani drama fans.

In the last episode of the said drama, ‘Afzal’ was killed in target killing, which was an unbelievable moment for the fans of this drama, people shed tears after seeing Afzal die on the screen and till today the death of ‘Dear Afzal’ The shock drama is fresh in the hearts of the viewers

Recently, Mir Khalilur Rahman told an incident while talking about this, “I was on the plane and I was putting the luggage when suddenly someone slapped me hard on my back. I looked back in surprise and saw an elderly woman standing and he saw me and angrily said, ‘Why did you kill Afzal? ‘

Khalilur Rahman said that I was not in favor of killing Afzal, but Nadeem Baig and Humayun Saeed wanted to kill Afzal and we discussed this issue till the end, but I was not ready to agree.

He revealed that the last four episodes of the drama were about to be aired, we went to have dinner, Hamza came to me and put his hand on me and said Khalil bhai kill me and I will be alive.

Khalil-ur-Rahman said that “I just liked these words of Hamza and I changed my decision at that moment.”Khalil-ur-Rehman has written many plays for Pakistan, in which the plays Pyare Afzal and Mere Paas Tum Ho were very popular all over the world. These are the two plays written by Khalil-ur-Rehman, people used to wait anxiously for a week to see Jahan, and on the day these plays were shown, people used to finish all their work with the play.

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