Yumna Zaidi big revelation about Tere Bin

Yumna Zaidi big revelation

Well-known actress Yumna Zaidi, who played the lead role in the super hit drama “Tere Bin“, has revealed that she was offered the role to two actresses before her.
In an interview, actress Yumna Zaidi revelation that she enjoyed doing this drama and is still enjoying it, I have not only learned a lot from acting in this drama serial Tere Bin but also to know more about my acting skills. Got a lot of help.
Yumna Zaidi revelation during her interview that earlier this drama serial Tere Bin was offered to actresses like Ayeza Khan and Neelam Muneer, but these two actresses refused to accept the offer. Both Ayeza Khan and Neelam Muneer. Hai is a famous Pakistani actress and Neelam Munir is currently working with Ali Abbas in the famous Pakistani drama Ihram Junoon.
Yumna Zaidi also revelation that before doing this drama, she was very hesitant that so many big actresses have rejected this drama and to play a role in it.

Yumna Zaidi With Wahaj Ali Tere Bin Drama Pic
From Yumna Zaidi Instagram:

Yamuna Zaidi added that the director of the drama serial assured her that he will make this drama very different and excellent from other dramas, one that will be remembered. Thus he got motivated and he is very happy to work in this drama.
Wahaj Ali is opposite Yumna Zaidi in the drama. The pair of the two is liked immensely by the viewers. Tere Bin drama is currently at the heights of fame like Mere Paas Tum Ho and Khuda and Mohabbatein. You can guess the popularity of the drama serial Tere Bin from the fact that the bad character in this drama also got a lot of fame. Sabina Farooq and Agha Mustafa are the two actors in this drama who are very popular. He played a negative role but people also liked him a lot and he became famous in the drama industry through the drama serial Tere Bun Ke Dariye.

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