Sana Fakhar finally divorces, unable to reconcile

Sana Fakhar finally divorces

Famous film star actress Sana Fakhar filed a divorces from her husband Fakhar Ali in a local court in Lahore.
On Sana Fakhr’s request, the Cantt Union Council Lahore also issued a certificate of her removal being effective. Sources of the Union Council said that Sana Fakhar and her ex-husband Fakhr Imam tried to sit face-to face-several times for three months, but they failed to reconcile. I have not succeeded.
Sources further said that Sana Fakhr was given a house in Lahore by her husband, while at the time of marriage if the son-in-law comes and divorces her, she will pay two crores of rupees. According to the law, the divorces certificate has been issued at the request of Sana fakhar.
It should be noted that this year Sana, a well-known actress in films and dramas, and her husband Fakhr Jafri decided to separate ways after 14 years of marriage.

Sana Fakhar Before divorces with her husband
From Sana Fakhar Instagram:

Actress Sana said in an emotional post on Instagram about the breakup of her relationship.
In her post, the actress said that ‘breaking up is painful but sometimes breaking up is very important so that you can save yourself from breaking up. She wrote that ‘Fakhar and I have been married for many years. Later, through good and bad, we decided to go our separate ways. It’s heartbreaking but I’m sure God has a good plan for both of us.
At the end of the post, he also expressed good wishes for Fakhar Jafri.
Sana Fakhar started her film career in 1997 and she was one of the most popular actresses of 2000. She has shown her acting skills in several dramas as well as films. Sana Fakhar married Fakhar Jafri in 2008. Sana Fakhar a mother of two children.

From Sana Fakhar Instagram:
From Sana Fakhar Instagram:
From Sana Fakhar Instagram:

On the other hand, until the publication of these lines, Fakhr Jafri broke the silence after the news of separation and said that after this news, wrong things are being said about Sana on social media, which I will not tolerate in any way because I am her friend. Can’t hear a single wrong thing about it. I’m still the proud one who loved it like crazy and will continue to do so.
Fakhar Jafari said that due to misunderstandings between both of us, the situation has reached this point because some mistakes are mine and some are Sana’s but we can solve this matter by sitting together, for this I need the intervention and consultation of my family or the media. Absolutely no need. This is our issue and we are handling it better.
Fakhr Jafari said that as far as the question of children is concerned, the children will remain with Sana because they are very close to her, but I will continue to fulfill all my responsibilities as a father. As parents, we are looking at the issue of children wisely. Sana did not forbid me to meet the children. We have also explained our children well so that they do not have wrong influences on their minds because we do not want our children to be affected because of us.
He said that we will not allow anyone to throw mud on us. We will be there for the children whenever they need us. Children can meet me whenever they want. Fakhr Jafri said who can see someone’s good and prosperous life? There is no one to connect but everyone is ahead to break.
Fakhar Jafari said that I am silently watching everyone who is involved in the attempts to break into our house. Sana is also very worried about this whole situation but I have also advised her to leave everything to God.

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