Warning for Tere Bin Drama by PEMRA

Warning for Tere Bin Drama by PEMRA

Pemra has issued a warning for Tere Bin Drama. As you know that the drama Tere Bin is getting very popular not only in Pakistan but also in India. And you will be surprised to know that when there is a complaint against this drama regarding its OST. When the strike was sent, Pakistan was also supported by the fans of India. This strike was given by the famous music company of India, Zee Music, on which not only the fans of Pakistan but also the fans of India, in the love of this play, cursed them so much that Due to this, the company was forced to withdraw its strike.

Wahaj Ali and Yamna Zaidi also got a lot of fame due to the drama Tere Bin. The producer thought that the scene of the drama which he had reserved for Blast would create a stir everywhere when it aired. And after watching this scene, he will get a lot of love from the fans. First, we tell you that the story of this drama is based on a contract marriage. Mirab had arranged it while marrying Mirtasam.

That you will never touch me, the day you touch me, the day you and I will part ways. It is seen that Mireb comes close to Murtisam for her own sake, makes her tea, takes care of her, and tries to do everything with her, due to which Murtisam comes close to her and her. But the director and producer had something else in mind. They thought that we will show that when Merab spits and slaps Murtisam’s face, Murtisam gets angry. I would come and lock him in a room and take back his dignity and after doing that the fans would feel a lot better but everything backfired.

When this scene was played in the drama, after that, people were talking against it everywhere on every social media platform and they were being abused. More love. But because of what was shown in episode number 47 of this drama Tere Bin, Pemra also got an idea and he also stood up that yes, something has gone wrong, due to which the next episode had to change everything.

Warning for Tere Bin Drama by PEMRA on This Seen
In the Tere Bin drama, Murtisam and Meereb were fighting each other, and Pemra gave a warning to Jess
Warning for Tere Bin Drama by PEMRA

Earlier it was shown that Mirtasam forced and robbed Merib’s respect but when it was seen that people were getting very bad comments and abuse then they changed the whole episode of Pura. First, it was to be shown that Haya comes to Mirb and says to her that what happened to her is very bad what Murtsam did to you no one does and not even an animal does that. But later after the reaction for Pemra By cutting all this, they showed that all this was done by the will of Merib.

The scene in the play that caused Pemra to issue a warning on the play.

Pemra has issued a notice to the controversial drama Tere Bin. According to a press release issued on the official Twitter account of Pemra, Pemra has issued a warning notice for airing inappropriate content in the drama serial Tere Bin of a private TV channel.
The press release stated that 47 episodes of the drama serial Tere Bun have aired inappropriate content which is in clear violation of PEMRA rules and several provisions of the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015.
The notice said that Pemra has warned the Geo TV channel to immediately remove the objectionable content from the drama serial Tere Bin and ensure that such content is never aired in any episode in future. And Pemra has said that action will be taken against the channel in case of violation of the order.

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