World Cup 2023 Promo Mawra Hussain has become a firestorm

World Cup 2023 Promo Mawra Hussain has become a firestorm

The promo of the Cricket World Cup 2023 played in India was released in which Pakistani cricket fans including actress Mawra Hussain also expressed their anger due to the biased attitude of India towards Pakistan.

The World Cup 2023 is to be played in India from October 5 this year, but India has already shown its biased attitude towards Pakistan, and in the promo song of this big competition, the Pakistani team was shown as negligible.

Ignoring Pakistan in the World Cup promo made Pakistani cricket fans extremely uncomfortable and this was also expressed on social media.

The actress retweeted the promo tweeted by the ICC on social networking site Twitter yesterday and released a screenshot of the ODI ranking.

The ranking can be seen due to the good performance in ODIs. Captain Babar Azam is in the number one position while Fakhar Zaman is in the third and Imamul Haq is in the fourth position.

In this tweet, he wrote that ‘no matter how many times we try to ignore our existence, we have always risen, we have always succeeded despite facing every difficulty’.

long as all the other teams are busy playing IPL, wait for these teams to play ODIs, then you can celebrate the happiness of your number one and keep your seat for us’.

Mawra Hussain took a dig at the user and issued another tweet which read, “It’s not a game, it’s a game and it goes on and on but it’s a pity to deprive a country of its honor, that’s why I posted this complete chart to show that we respect not only our players but also the other team’s players.”

It should be noted that currently Mawra Hussain is trending at number one on the Twitter panel due to her excellent acting in an episode of her recent ongoing drama ‘Nowruz’ and her tweet in support of the Pakistan Cricket Team.
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