Saba Faisal said that children are temptations

Saba Faisal said that children are temptations

Saba Faisal said that children are temptations. Popular actress Saba Faisal says that children are a great temptations, they teach a person to live and his children also taught him to live well.
Saba Faisal recently appeared on Sama TV’s morning show along with actresses Parveen Akbar and Farah Nadeem, where the three senior actors spoke candidly about parenting and the changes in the new-age kids.
All three actresses said that girls of today’s age are more intolerant than girls of yesteryear, they want their younger husbands to have all the comforts in the world as soon as they get married.
On the same subject, Saba Faisal advised the girls that if they want a settled life after marriage and want to have a car, bungalow, and money, then they should marry a boy of 45 and 50 years instead of a younger boy. Should marry a man who has everything.
Speaking in the program, Saba Faisal also clarified that his younger son Arsalan Faisal has just got engaged and he has got his son engaged.

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Earlier in January this year, videos of Saba Faisal with her family went viral and media reports claimed that Arsalan Faisal got married, but now the actress has clarified that her son is not married, only engaged. has happened
While speaking in the program, he said in response to a question that his personal opinion is that a daughter-in-law can never become a daughter, a daughter-in-law should be respected only in a daughter-in-law relationship.

Agreeing with her, actress Parveen Akbar also said that she could never be convinced that a daughter-in-law is a daughter and a mother-in-law can become Maan.
Elaborating on the same issue, Saba Faisal said that on the occasion of Eid Qurbani, she sat by the sacrificial animal for several hours and after a long time her daughter came to her.
The actress said that she was his daughter who came to meet him on Eid, she is married but if her daughter-in-law did the same thing, she would get angry and would have wrong thoughts about her daughter-in-law.
They said that the in-laws’ house is the daughter-in-law’s own house, and they should take responsibility for everything, so they think that the daughter-in-law can never be a daughter.
Speaking in the program, Saba Faisal called the children a temptations and said that they taught her to live and she is living a very good life because of the children.
In the program, Saba Faisal also spoke in hushed words on the issue of differences with her daughter-in-law and elder son Salman Faisal in the past and said that she should not have shared domestic matters on social media, but as a human being she was helpless and An error occurred.
He said that he learned a lot from the said mistake and now he prays that God will make his son and daughter-in-law happy and improve for them too.

It should be noted that differences arose between Saba Faisal and Salman Faisal in December 2022 when the actress shared words against his wife and announced her separation from her son.
Saba Faisal had expressed his indifference to Salman Faisal and his wife by making serious allegations, but later he apologized for all the allegations and forgave his son.
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