Thought of suicide due to not getting work, Agha Mustafa

Thought of suicide due to not getting work, Agha Mustafa

Agha Mustafa revealed that before ‘Tere Bin’ he thought of committing suicide due to not getting work for two years. Young actor Agha Mustafa Hassan, who played the role of Malik Zubair in the popular drama ‘Tere Bin’, revealed that he had thought of suicide due to not work for 2 years before ‘Tere Bin’.

Recently, Agha Mustafa appeared on Sama TV’s morning show where he spoke candidly about his career struggles. Agha Mustafa said that when I joined the showbiz industry, I had to wait for hours outside the office of the producers to get work, after waiting for 5 to 6 hours, the producers would send me back without giving a satisfactory answer. ‘

He said ‘I believe that no one can take away what I have in my destiny, all the actors who came with me used to attend every showbiz party and function or lobby but I prefer to go to these functions. I didn’t, and because of this people called me stupid. ‘

Agha Mustafa said, “If you keep running after people, producers, and co-actors for work, then you will be inferior among these people. This is my experience. Along with me, very talented actors could not advance in the showbiz industry because of this.” Because they started joining the lobby.
He said that after the drama ‘Sang Marmar’, ‘Ek Thi Maryam’, and ‘Kisa Hai Nasibaan’ he did not get work for two years. Did not?

The actor said that during these two years, he was disappointed, ‘I used to cry while praying daily, I cried so much that I even had thoughts of suicide but I had faith that Allah will help me. ‘ Agha Mustafa said, “After these two years, when I was cast for ‘Tere Bin’, I gave my consent without reading the script because at that time I was anxious to get the job.”

The actor said that after ‘Tere Bin’, he started getting two to three projects which are being loved by fans, if it wasn’t for those 2 years in his life, he might not be the person I am today. Agha Mustafa Hasan made his acting debut with the 2016 popular drama ‘Sing Mur Mur’, after which he showed his acting chops in several popular dramas and theaters as well as films.

He has played supporting roles in dramas including Panjara, Neeli Zinda Hai, More Siyan, Mere Own, Run, Silla Mohabbate, Sar Rah and Tere Bin’. His negative role in ‘Tere Bin’, Malik Zubair, was highly appreciated. In an interview given to ‘Fuchsia Magazine’, Agha Mustafa Hassan said that people and fans have been calling him bad for his role in ‘Tere Bin’. It was there that his father praised his acting for the first time.

According to Agha Mustafa, no one in his family was part of the showbiz industry before, nor did any of his family members have any relationship with the people of the showbiz industry.

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