There is more drama than drama in politics, Maira Khan

There is more drama than drama in politics, Maira Khan

Popular actress and TV host Maira Khan says that there is more drama than drama in Pakistani politics, that’s why she has no interest in politics and that’s why she hasn’t cast her vote to date.

The actress recently participated in the comedy talk show ‘Gap Shab’, where she opened up about politics as well as showbiz. He said that he started acting at the age of just five, he is the only child of his parents, due to which his parents used to take him to Pakistan Television (PTV) as a child.

According to him, he started his career as a child artist and he also saw the popularity of PT, and the actors of the recent era cannot measure the popularity of the past. In response to a question, he said that although it has become easier to get or get fame, fame is not enjoyed as much as it used to be during the PTV era.

According to him, at that time, after acting in the same drama, everyone started recognizing the actor, and people used to take pens and autographs and fame was enjoyed more when pictures were published in magazines and newspapers, but now It doesn’t happen.

When asked about her interest in politics, Maria Khan said that the question does not arise whether she would have done politics or not if she was not an actress. According to her, she wanted to be an actress from the beginning and she has no interest in politics, but if by chance she did not enter showbiz, she would have formed a new political party and become its head.

Regarding casting votes, Maira Khan claimed that she has not cast votes to date. He admitted that although it is his constitutional duty to cast his vote, he never cast his vote as he has not seen any good politician to date.

They said that probably they would not cast their votes this time too, but if a good politician comes into the field during the elections, they can also cast their votes. Talking about Pakistani politics, Maira Khan said that she feels that there are more drama than dramas in Pakistani politics.

He said that actors still read a script and follow the instructions of the director, but politicians are playing the whole game by themselves, so they do not like politics and no Pakistani politician is their favorite. Because of this, they have not cast their votes till today.

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