People taunt my children because of negative characters, Adnan Shah Tipu

People taunt my children because of negative characters, Adnan Shah Tipu

Popular actor Adnan Shah Tipu has revealed that people taunt his children because of his negative roles, to which he explains to the children that he does not have such a personality as people are telling him.

Adnan Shah Tipu is generally known for his negative roles in Pakistani dramas, he has played many negative roles in Hollywood to Bollywood films.Adnan Shah Tipu appears in Pakistani films and dramas mostly in negative and supporting roles and his acting has been highly appreciated.

Recently, he participated in the comedy show ‘Mazaq Raat’, where he opened up about his career, among other things, and said that he has a new film releasing soon.

While speaking in the program, he explained the difference between Pakistan, India, and Hollywood industry and said that in foreign countries professionalism is preferred while in Pakistan people are not serious.

He said that he plays the role with great passion and love, sometimes he does not understand how he played such and such a role so well. According to him, his dedication to his work sometimes gets the best of him, but he also says that he considers his work as worship.

Adnan Shah Tipu said that the day he got bored with his work or did not perform well, he would quit acting. On the question of not doing a lead role to date, he said that he plays every role as a lead, he never thought that his role is for five minutes or an hour.

The actor said that he likes to do all kinds of roles, but he enjoys playing negative roles more. In response to a question, Adnan Shah Tipu said that he cannot watch his plays or films based on negative characters with children especially his two younger daughters are more sensitive, they do not understand.

He gave an example that some time ago he was watching a drama with his daughters, in which an actor tortured them, then his younger daughter was not watching that drama. Adnan Shah Tipu admits that it is difficult to explain to children or watch plays or films with them after playing negative roles.

According to him, because of his negative character, his children are taunt by people and classmates also tell him things, then he explains to the children that he is not the kind of person people are portraying him to be.

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