The story of ‘Hadsa’ is not based on motorway gang rape, claims Wajahat Rauf

The story of 'Hadsa' is not based on motorway gang rape, claims Wajahat Rauf

Wajahat Rauf, the producer and director of the drama serial ‘Hadasa’, has claimed that the story of the drama is not based on a motorway gang rape, but the only thing common between the incident and ‘Haadasa’ is that the incident took place on a highway. It happened.

Earlier, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had issued a notification imposing an immediate ban on the telecast of the drama ‘Hadsa’ which was aired on Jio. The said drama was being aired on Geo TV and only 8 episodes of it had been aired.

The production team of the drama ‘Hadasa’ is accused that the story of the drama is based on the incident of a woman who was gang-raped after being kidnapped on the motorway near Lahore in 2020. In the 4th, 5th, and 6th episodes of the said drama, the scenes of Hadiqa Kayani being kidnapped on the motorway, raped, and then being treated in the hospital were shown.

Hadiqa Kayani plays the role of a woman who is gang-raped after being abducted from the motorway, while her husband is played by Ali Khan. After the fourth episode of the drama aired, people raised a fuss over it and demanded. Is his story about the ‘motorway rape case incident’ to which he was answered in the negative.

She had written that she could never be a part of any project through which any human being was hurt. its ban. However, after people criticized the play and demanded its ban, Hadiqa Kayani claimed in her social media posts that the story of the play is not about the motorway rape case.

Recently, the director of the play, Wajahat Rauf, has also reacted on the social media platform Instagram and said that the final decision should be taken after watching the play as a whole instead of the basis of the social media post.

He pointed out that the drama is not based on the motorway incident, the main character (the victim girl), her husband, her 3 children, the family, the police officers investigating the crime, the reasons behind the crime, and the trial. All are fictitious, but the only thing the motorway incident and the play have in common is that the incident took place on a highway.

“We certainly cannot be so unkind to anyone who has experienced such a horrific incident, we believe that not speaking out against such incidents would be more painful for the victims,” ​​he added. , in this situation, some would say that we cannot be aware of the victim’s trauma.

The director added that the writer of the drama had spoken to victims who were willing to talk about what happened to them, and the victims voluntarily told the writer how they were recovering from the trauma. ‘

He further said that one should decide about the role after watching the drama, not based on social media posts. In the end, Wajahat Rauf said that if we only wanted ratings through drama, we would have chosen a story about a mother-in-law and a stereotypical husband.

Wajahat Rauf said, ‘We are very committed to telling stories about important issues and want to create awareness in the society, for example, whether it is the issue drama serial Guru (where an abandoned child is a story of an intersex making sacrifices to raise), or Damsa (a story about child trafficking), Panjara (a story about parents favoring one child over another).

The drama serial ‘Accident’ is produced by Wajahat Rauf and his wife Shazia Wajahat, while the cast includes Ali Khan, Romeesa Khan, Ali Dayan, Jhale Sarhadi, Saleem Meeraj, and Jagan Kazim besides actress Hadiqa Kayani.

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