Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Jawan’ trailer record

Shah Rukh Khan's movie 'Jawan' trailer record

Releasing the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s mega-budget film ‘Jawan’, the king of Bollywood, it has been confirmed that it will be released on September 7 next month. After seeing the trailer of ‘Jawan’, Bollywood analysts have speculated that the film will succeed in making record money.

The trailer of the film grabbed a new record as soon as it was released and got 5 million views in just four hours, that is, about 1.3 million people watched it every hour. It is difficult to understand the plot of the film by looking at the short-lived trailer of ‘Jawan’, but it is hinted that Shah Rukh Khan will be seen playing the role of an Indian army officer who appears to be a criminal.

From the trailer, it is known that Shahrukh Khan will be seen as a criminal and a goon, fulfilling the duties given by the army secretly and uniquely. Apart from Shah Rukh Khan, the trailer also features Deepika Padukone who will appear in a cameo in the film.

The trailer shows different looks of Shah Rukh Khan, in which he is seen doing scenes that combine action and comedy. South Indian film industry actress Nayanthara Jalve Bakharti, who has previously acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films, will be seen in the film alongside Shahrukh Khan.

Apart from the lead actress in ‘Jawan’, other actors have been recruited from the South Indian film industry who will be seen in negative roles. Sania Malhotra will also be seen in action in the film. The trailer was preceded by the release of the same film’s song ‘Zinda Banda’ in July last month, in which Shah Rukh Khan was seen dancing with 10,000 dancers.

Earlier, the highlights of ‘Jawan’ were released at the beginning of July, after seeing which the fans declared Shahrukh Khan’s film a blockbuster even before its release. ‘Jawan’ will be Shah Rukh Khan’s second film to be released this year, his film ‘Pathan’ was released in January 2023, which surpassed many films to earn a record.

‘Pathan’ had earned about one thousand billion rupees, after which it is now believed that ‘Jawan’ will also be able to earn almost the same amount.

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