The question of fighting and politics does not arise in the showbiz industry, Saheefa Jabbar

The question of fighting and politics does not arise in the showbiz industry, Saheefa Jabbar

Model and actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak says that there are very few people in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, due to which the question of politics and fighting does not arise here. A long-time model, Saheefa Jabbar started acting only a few years ago and has acted in half a dozen dramas so far.

Her last drama was aired in 2020. She married long-time friend Khawaja Khizr Hussain in 2017.
The model recently participated in Sama TV’s program Gossip where she spoke about depression issues and various aspects of the Pakistan showbiz industry. Regarding her entry into the showbiz industry, the actress said that she started modeling after studying economics.

Saheefa Jabbar said that no one in her family is related to the showbiz industry except her. The showbiz industry is seen narrowly in the households, there were some problems before starting modeling but with time those obstacles were removed.’ On the question about starting acting after modeling and then quitting acting again, Saheefa Jabbar said, “It was due to mental stress, seeing the quality of scripts that were coming to me, I felt that I should not do such dramas.”

She said ‘I watched 80s and 90s dramas for my research, I was waiting for a script like these dramas to be offered to me, but now it’s been 3 years and still no such script has come to act on. The heart wants to do it. When the model was asked about depression in the program, she replied that the use of social media should be reduced to get rid of depression. Talking about the past, our parents did not have much awareness about depression because of their time. I had very few cases of depression.’

He further said ‘If you talk about today, every other young person is suffering from depression, especially in Western countries, People there have had their basic facilities and when they think about the future, they suffer from depression. , because everyone there is suffering from the same disease, On the other hand in Pakistan everyone is busy trying to fulfill the basic facilities and they are not going beyond that.’

The model added that ‘One of the reasons for depression is that we start feeling inferior by looking at other people’s photos on Tik Tok and Instagram, another reason is that people get wrong or incomplete information through social media. have been And yes there are many more reasons.’ “I am worried for today’s young generation because everyone is suffering from depression,” Sahifa Jabbar Khattak added.

He said, ‘When I wrote about my mental health on my Instagram story, people from the showbiz industry and fans also seemed to be suffering from depression, no one said that they felt complete in their lives. Everyone was talking about being sad, suffering from depression, or going through this disease. He said that we think that social media is very beneficial for us but it is not at all, the use of social media should be reduced.

Apart from this, the participants sitting in the program were asked where is the politics in the drama and fashion industry. Saheefa Jabbar replied that our showbiz industry is not Bollywood or Hollywood, only 80% of people in our industry are actors, models, and influencers, so our industry is not that big where politics and fights or riots take place.

According to him, there are very few people in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, due to which the question of fighting or lobbying here is meaningless. In June 2023, Sahifa Jabbar Khattak confessed to her severe mental problems and said that she had not been able to sleep peacefully for the past 60 days, She is very depressed and depressed and she wished to die every day for the past two months.

The model wrote that they have difficulty understanding and accepting their current circumstances, and are very sad, troubled, restless, and frustrated.The model and actress said that people think that they have all the luxury things, which is their problem, so I want to tell such people that wealth and luxury things cannot give you peace.

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