PEMRA bans the drama ‘Haadsa’

PEMRA bans the drama 'Haadsa'

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed an immediate ban on the telecast of the drama ‘Haadsa ‘ which was aired on Jio. In a tweet by Pemra, it was stated that the organization received many complaints regarding the content of the play from social media and other sources, after which the play was banned.

According to the statement, the said matter was referred to the institution’s Committee Council of Complaints, imposing an immediate ban on the ‘accident’ under Section 27 of the PEMRA Act.
The statement said that the Council of Complaints will take a detailed decision regarding the drama under PEMRA’s rules and regulations, but till then the drama will be banned from airing.

Pemra’s statement made it clear that the story of the ‘accident’ was not relevant to Pakistani society, hence an immediate ban was imposed on its airing.Earlier, common people including social media users also demanded Pemra ban the drama ‘Haadsa’.

The said drama was being aired on Geo TV and only 8 episodes of it had been aired.
The drama is alleged to be based on the incident of a woman who was gang-raped after being kidnapped on a motorway near Lahore in 2020.
In the 4th, 5th, and 6th episodes of the said drama, the scenes of Hadiqa Kayani being kidnapped on the motorway, raped, and then being treated in the hospital were shown.

Hadiqa Kayani plays the role of a woman who is gang-raped after being abducted from the motorway, while her husband is played by Ali Khan. Only after the fourth episode of the drama aired, did people raise an uproar over it and demand its ban.However, after people criticized the play and demanded its ban, Hadiqa Kayani claimed in her social media posts that the story of the play is not about the motorway rape case.

In her explanatory statement on Instagram and Twitter, the actress said that before acting in ‘Haadsa’, she repeatedly asked the drama team if her story was about the ‘Motorway Rape Incident’. To which Hadiqa was answered in the negative. She had written that she could never be a part of any project through which any human being was hurt.

Hadiqa Kayani wrote that after re-reading the story of the ‘accident’ and questioning the team, she concluded that the story of the play was not about the ‘motorway rape incident’.

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