The drama ‘Accident’ has nothing to do with the Motorway Rape incident, claims Hadiqa Kayani

The drama 'Accident' has nothing to do with the Motorway Rape incident, claims Hadiqa Kayani

Singer-turned-actor Hadiqa Kayani has claimed that the story of her recently released drama ‘Hatsa’ has nothing to do with the motorway rape incident. The drama serial ‘Accident’ is being aired on Geo TV, Hadiqa Kayani and Ali Khan are playing the lead roles in the drama.

Hadiqa Kayani plays the role of a woman who is raped after being abducted from the motorway, while Ali Khan plays her husband. Episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Ramee show scenes of Hadiqa Kayana being kidnapped on the motorway, raped and then hospitalized.

At the time of showing the said scenes, a warning was issued on the TV screen that the said incident has nothing to do with the real events, although the events shown in the drama may be closely related to reality, but the story of the drama has nothing to do with reality. Not related.

After the Haadsa drama, other users also criticized the team and demanded Pemra to ban it.After the criticism of the users, now Hadiqa Kayani has given her reaction and claimed that the drama has nothing to do with the incident of the motorway rape case.

In her explanatory statement on Instagram and Twitter, the actress said that before working in ‘Accident’, she repeatedly asked the team of the drama whether the story of ‘Motorway Rape Incident’ is not the same? To which Hadiqa replied in the negative.He wrote that she can never be a part of any project through which any human being is hurt.

Hadiqa Kayani wrote that after re-reading the story of the ‘accident’ and questioning the team, she concluded that the story of the play was not about the ‘motorway rape incident’. Defending the story of the play and her acting, she further wrote that it is true that there are incidents of kidnapping, rape and violence against women everywhere in our society.

He wrote that not only women but also men and children are subjected to violence and rape in the society and such incidents also happen on roads, posh areas, densely populated areas and between relatives. Hadiqa Kayani further wrote that through her dramas, she has exposed the most tragic stories of the society, but she can claim that the story of ‘accident’ is not the story of a single person.

He admitted that on-screen acts of torture, kidnapping and rape could potentially cause mental anguish, so such scenes should have been aired with a warning. At the same time, he wrote that he is not in a position to say how the people who have gone through such events may react after seeing the said play and what they must be going through.

Hadiqa Kayani wrote that she hopes that after such dramas, such incidents will be taken more seriously and steps will be taken to provide immediate justice to the victims.

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