It was explained that the wife should not know about your weaknesses, Umair Rana

It was explained that the wife should not know about your weaknesses, Umair Rana

Well-known Pakistani actor Umair Rana has said that in Pakistani society, men are brought up from a certain angle and they are told not to be weak, similarly they were told that your wife should not know your weaknesses.

The senior actor recently participated in ‘Hansana Muni Hai’, where he opened up about his career, among other things. Speaking in the program, he said that he started acting from theater and Gauhar Rasheed and Shafi Faris are his students but he learned a lot from them.

In response to a question, he said that he was advised many years ago to change his hair color if he wanted to become a hero, but he never did. According to him, he was obsessed with becoming an actor, not a hero, and he never wanted to change himself to become an actor.

Speaking in this regard, Umair Rana said that at the time of Corona, he had jokingly said in an interview that Aamir Khan copied his hairstyle and people understood it to be true. While praising Aamir Khan, he said that where commercialization is seen in his films, there is also a message in his films, because of which he likes Aamir Khan very much and he wishes that everyone should see him. As it should be.

While speaking in the program, he narrated an incident when he and Nauman Ejaz were in Swat many years ago for the shooting of ‘Sang Mur Mur’, then once while going for the shoot, the driver at the army check post asked questions. I told her that we were going to shoot.

Umeer Rana said that the soldier got angry after hearing the word of the shooting, on which the driver told him that he was going to shoot a drama and Nauman Ejaz was also with him. According to the actor, unfortunately, he did not know the soldier Noman Ejaz and asked who is Noman Ejaz.

In response to a question during the program, he said that he is not a strict father in real life like in dramas. He said that he is sure that not all parents will be strict, but since all men in Pakistan are brought up from a certain angle, there is an impression about men that they are strict.

Umair Rana said that men are taught not to be weak, not to fail, not to admit their shortcomings, because of which they live in a certain direction, earn, and feed their families. Speaking in this regard, he said that he was also told at the time of marriage that his wife should not know about his flaws and weaknesses.

He told the young people participating in the program that just as their parents treat them with love and compassion, they should also treat their parents with compassion.

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