Wives have the right to check their husbands’ mobile phones, Ushna Shah

Wives have the right to check their husbands' mobile phones, Ushna Shah

Actress Ushna Shah has said that wives have full right to check their husbands’ mobile phones and after marriage, men should not continue such actions, due to which they have to hide their phones.

Ushna Shah recently appeared on Sama TV’s program ‘Had Kurdi’, where she opened up about her showbiz career, including her marriage. In response to a question, he admitted that he got his first chance at acting through nepotism when an acquaintance from Canada invited him to play the lead role in a play.

He further said that though he got his first opportunity through nepotism, later he got all the jobs through his hard work and was offered one play after another, so he gave up his intention to return to Canada.

While speaking on the program, she revealed that Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap introduced her to her husband Hamza Amin, who introduced her over the phone, from where they became friends and later got married.

Ushna Shah said that she liked Hamza Amin as soon as she saw him, he was tall and beautiful, while her husband talked to his mother and said that he should marry her. She claimed that her husband is a good person, and she installed his Face ID on her mobile phone on the second day of marriage.

In response to a question, the actress said that wives have the right to check their husbands’ mobile phones and why should they not check their mobile phones? Ushna Shah said that the wife should never need to check her husband’s phone, but if he suddenly picks up the phone and starts checking, then the husband should not be worried.

He said that similarly, husbands should not keep their mobile phones upside down on the table or bed after marriage, they should not hide anything. The actress claimed that her husband is not like that, he is very good, he does not hide his mobile phone from her.

Ushna Shah advises married men to keep their actions and nature clean so that their wives do not have to check their mobile phones. The actress said that if husbands are doing good and sincere work, they should make their wives believe in themselves in such a way that they do not doubt them.

It should be noted that Ishna Shah got married to famous golfer Hamza Amin in February 2023, after which she has been missing from the screen for some time now, but during the program, she said that a film of hers is going to be released soon.

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