Surprised to see Priyanka Chopra without makeup, Muammar Rana

Surprised to see Priyanka Chopra without makeup, Muammar Rana

During a YouTube podcast, film star Muammar Rana says he was shocked when he saw Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra without makeup, while YouTuber Nader Ali humorously likened the actress to ‘black salt’. So social media users slammed the YouTuber.

Muammar Rana has made a name for himself by acting in several Urdu and Punjabi films, he has also shown the essence of acting in TV dramas. The film star recently appeared on Nader Ali’s podcast where he talked about his film career and Bollywood actors.

Muammar Rana said about not working in dramas, “The same type of dramas are being made in Pakistan, in the scripts of the dramas that come to me, the woman is always made to cry and the man is shown as bad.” He said ‘I also have my daughters, how can I do such a role, doing such a role spoils the hero’s image.’

Muammar Rana also talked about the popular movie ‘Chodiyan’ of the past 90s, he said that when the Hollywood film ‘Titanic’ was released, my Punjabi film Chodiyan was also released on the same day, when the producers of Chodiyan came to know. He got angry when the movie Churiyan was going to be released along with Titanic, it was the only movie that didn’t have a trailer.

He said that on the first day of the release of the film Chouriyan, 15 to 20 people were sitting in the cinema, and on the other side there were long queues of people to watch Titanic. Muammar Rana claimed that when people came to know that my film ‘Chodiyan’ was also released on the same day, people who were watching Titanic came to watch my film.

He claimed that bangles were such a hit that an English newspaper’s headline read ‘Titanic sinks’. Not given. The film star said regarding his daughter’s entry into the film industry, ‘I can’t say anything to my daughter, she has talent, she is very confident in her work, I am very happy to see her act. It happened.’

He said that he has just given permission to his daughter to do a web series on the OTT platform, but he is keen to work in this direction. Meanwhile, Nader Ali asked the question that which actress looks ‘terrible’ without makeup. Muammar Rana said that there is no one terrible among Pakistani actors.

On Nader Ali said, “Name the Bollywood actors whom a person would be surprised to see without makeup”. Later, Muammar Rana said, ‘Yes, this has happened to me, Salman Khan and I were sitting together at a function, and during that time, a woman came and sat next to me, I was sitting between this woman and Salman Khan. ‘

He said that ‘Salman Khan and that lady were talking to each other, sometimes I was moving forward and sometimes behind, and then the lady got up after a while and left, I asked Salman Khan who was this lady. , to which Salman Khan said ‘Don’t you recognize?’ I said ‘no’. Muammar Rana said ‘that lady was Priyanka Chopra, I lost my crush on her after seeing her.’

Later, Nader Ali also humorously compared Priyanka Chopra to ‘black salt’. Muammar Rana said that Amisha Patel is the most beautiful without makeup. Social media users are criticizing Nader Ali for comparing and mocking Priyanka Chopra to ‘black salt’. Social media users said ‘Nader Ali should quit the podcast’, another user wrote ‘Nader Ali should be boycotted’.

The boycott of Nadir Ali by social media users is not a new thing, earlier also he has been criticized by the YouTuber for inappropriate questions and comments. Nader Ali had earlier also commented on Alize Shah’s alleged surgery, saying, “Alize Shah used to be very cute, now she has started to look ugly.”

Not only this, Nader Ali has also asked inappropriate questions about conversion to actress Sunita Marshall in his podcast, for which he was severely criticized, later he apologized for his action.

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