Teaser release of Shoaib Akhtar biopic despite controversies

Teaser release of Shoaib Akhtar biopic despite controversies

Despite the controversies, the teaser of the film made on the life of former national cricket team player and fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was released. Shoaib Akhtar confirmed in July 2022 that a film is being made on his life, in which fans will see and hear a lot about him for the first time.

Later in November 2022, well-known singer and model Umair Jaswal said that he will play Shoaib Akhtar in the said film, but in January 2023, he announced his departure from the film due to unknown reasons. After Umair Jaswal’s separation, Shoaib Akhtar also parted ways with the film being made on his life in January 2023.

Last month in July, Shoaib Akhtar had said that he had obtained an injunction from the court to stop the release of the film based on his life. He had said in his tweet that despite his cancellation of the contract for a film on his life, the makers of the film are threatening him to make the film and release it.

According to the former cricketer, he was threatened by the film team that they will make a film on his life and release it anyway, due to which he had to go to court. But now despite the controversies and Shoaib Akhtar claiming to get an injunction, the teaser of the film based on his life has been released.

The film titled ‘Rawalpindi Express’ features Gohar Rasheed, Saleem Meeraj and Shafqat Cheema among other actors. The teaser shows a child running fast through the streets, roads and markets of Rawalpindi. The teaser shows how Shoaib Akhtar’s childhood was spent in poverty and problems, but still he had the passion to become a cricketer.

Shoaib Akhtar’s parents are also shown in the teaser. From the teaser, it can be well guessed that Shoaib Akhtar’s role is being played by Gohar Rashid. Other cast members of the film include Saleem Mearaj, Faran Tahir, Raheela Agha, Shafqat Cheema, Usman Pirzada, Salman Shahid, Umeer Alam, Hamza Khawaja, Kontakt Ali, Faiza Khan, Umeer Rana, Adnan Shah Tipu, Rahim Pardesi and Hammad Siddiqui.

The film is produced by Kafeel Anwar while Saeed Kamali and Waleed Altayeb are its executive producers.The screenplay of the story of Qaiser Nawaz is written by Mohammad Faraz Qaiser while he himself has given the directions. The teaser of the film was released today on August 23, but Shoaib Akhtar has not yet reacted to it.

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