Nadir Ali was criticized because of Sunita Marshall

Nadir Ali

Model and actress Sunita Marshall are being praised for her excellent response to Nadir Ali’ s inappropriate questions.
Sunita Marshall recently appeared on the ‘Nader Ali’ podcast, where the host asked her very personal and inappropriate questions, on which the actress appeared to be a little upset, but still she answered the host with great patience. Answered in a manner, in which they are being praised.
Actress Nadia Afgan, while sharing a video clip of Sunita Marshall’s podcast, appreciated her response and advised her to be brave and strong.

Nadir ali

Nadia Afgan also mentioned podcast host Nadir Ali in her story and called him ‘stupid’.
Addressing Nader Ali, the actress wrote that she only wants to say that there is no dearth of foolish people and such a population is expanding rapidly.
Apart from Nadia Afghan, other social media users also praised Sunita Marshall and described her as a very intelligent, talented, and moral woman.
Like her, actress and host Anush Ashraf also praised Sunita Marshall.

Anush Ashraf also questioned why Sunita Marshall was asked questions on very personal matters.
He praised the actress for giving excellent answers to personal questions and also criticized the podcast host.
People who commented on Sunita Marshall’s video praised Sunita Marshall and advised her to stay strong and brave and also wrote that she gave the best answer to Nadir Ali.
Social media users also criticized Nadir Ali and expressed regret for asking inappropriate questions to the actress.
Most of the social media users termed Nadir Ali as a stupid, stupid, and very narrow-minded person and demanded that his podcast should be boycotted.

In his podcast, Nader Ali asked Sunita Marshall if she is a Christian while her husband, actor Hasan Ahmed, is a Muslim, so which religion do her children follow? On which the actress said that her children are followers of Islam.
The host asked him once again whether he has any intention to accept Islam. Sunita Marshall made it clear that she has no such intention yet nor is there any pressure on her from her husband and in-laws.
In the same context, the actress clarified that in Islam, the marriage of a Christian and a Muslim is permissible without conversion and that she is not under any pressure from her husband’s family, nor has she ever faced any difficulties in her life. , on which they think of converting.
Sunita Marshall said that it was Hasan Ahmed who proposed marriage to her and that her family initially objected to her marrying a Muslim boy, but her in-laws did not object.
The actress further said that she first got married according to the religion of Islam and then she also got married in the church under Christian beliefs and that all her relatives and friends never discussed her marriage and religion. has interfered and no one has ever objected and there is no reason to object.
It should be noted that Sunita Marshall entered showbiz in the year 2000, in the early years she earned a good name in modeling, later Sunita also gained recognition in the field of acting.
She married actor Hasan Ahmed in 2008. The couple has two children, a 14-year-old son, and a 10-year-old daughter.
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