She was not married to whom she married, Maya Khan

She was not married to whom she married, Maya Khan

Actress and TV host Maya Khan has revealed that most of her wedding pictures that have gone viral on the internet are fake, those pictures are of her marriage and the people she got married to were not married.

A few days ago, Maya Khan participated in Sama TV’s morning show, during which she spoke openly about her personal life for the first time. A clip of Maya Khan discussing her marriages on a morning show went viral, with people appreciating her bravery.

Maya Khan said that her father was an ambassador and died when she was very young and her elder brothers were like their father. The actress and TV host said during the program that she had been a voice-over artist since she was a student and at that time she was also doing the voice-over in Pakistan Television (PTV), then she was asked to do the same question and answer for children. Asked to program.

She said that after working in PTV at a young age, she stayed away from the media for many years but then she started working as a TV host. Maya Ali Khan said that there was controversy due to one of her shows in 2012 and as soon as she returned home from the show, the letter to expel her went viral on social media, and within a few days, she was published in the newspapers of the country and abroad. News about it began to appear and was heavily criticized.

It should be noted that at that time, Maya Khan used to do a morning show for Sama TV, during which she showed the raid marker directly on the boys and girls sitting in the parks in a show, for which she was criticized. Maya Khan further told in the interview that after a decade she is again seen on the TV screen and she has seen many difficulties over 10 years.

He said that in the days when his morning show controversy took place, his brother living in the US was diagnosed with cancer and died after watching and hearing the news of their controversy. At the same time, he said that he got married in 2011, but unfortunately, the person with whom he got married, could not get married and due to some reasons, divorced him before his departure.

He clarified that most of the viral pictures of his marriage on the internet are of his marriage but they are presented as marriage. According to the actress and TV host to whom she was married, she was not married, so those pictures should be stopped.

Maya Khan said that she was married to another person and now she has no intention of getting married for the third time. Earlier, in an interview last year, Maya Khan said that she got divorced without leave, After that she married another person and also admitted that her decision to get married was wrong. was

She said that the man she married subjected her to severe physical violence, ridiculed her, and later divorced her. In both her interviews, Maya Khan did not reveal many details about the ex-husbands and did not clearly state the reason for the divorces. However, she told about the second divorce and her husband that he used to torture her.

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