Priorities of today Boys & girls are not home & family, Momina Iqbal

Priorities of today Boys & girls are not home & family, Momina Iqbal

Rising actress Momina Iqbal has talked about her future life partner and said that it is difficult to find good boys in this world, today’s boys & girls have changed their preferences. Momina Iqbal is a rising Pakistani actress who has played the lead role in many TV dramas, her famous dramas include ‘Ihsaan Forgotten’, ‘Samjhota’, ‘Mere Humnashin’, and others.

He recently appeared on ARY Zindagi’s The Night Show where he opened up about his career, marriage, and the life-threatening air crash. Regarding her career, the actress said that she entered the field of acting after doing B-work.

Momina said that soon after entering the showbiz industry, she was fortunately offered the lead role.
He said that since I started being offered lead roles immediately, it was difficult for senior actors to explain how I got these roles so quickly.

Momina Iqbal said ‘I also faced difficulties due to my fair complexion’, however, she did not reveal the details of the challenges the actress faced. Talking about her life partner, the actress said that it is difficult to find a good boy in this world.

He said that today’s boys & girls have other priorities, family and home are not their priorities.
Talking about his future life partner, he said that being beautiful is not enough for a life partner. He who does not fear Allah does not fear anyone, he destroys the life of others.

What happened to Hania Aamir and other actors in the possible plane crash on May 17?

Momina Iqbal also mentioned the air accident that happened to her and other showbiz personalities, which was mentioned by Hania Aamir on 19 May 2023, but Hania did not reveal the details of the incident.

The incident took place on May 17 when Momina Iqbal’s co-stars Hania Aamir, Wahaj Ali, and Maya Ali were traveling on the same flight and their flight faced an emergency, Momina Iqbal said after the incident. He felt that he had been blessed with a new life.

He said that the plane was about to land but suddenly it filled the air again, after which all the passengers on the flight got scared. The actress revealed that there was a time when the flight tried to land again but the plane just veered to one side and we thought the plane would crash.

Momina Iqbal said that at that time all the people started reciting the Karma but finally, the situation was brought under control and since then she has been afraid to sit on the flight. It should be noted that in May 2023, Hania Aamir shared a fantasy on her Instagram and wrote that May 17 would be my second birthday, don’t ask me the reason.

In the comment section of the post, Yashma Gill laughed and said that the terrible flight we traveled on yesterday, I have also got a new life. Maya Ali replied that it was nothing less than a miracle.

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