Fury at Israeli minister Bella Hadid for talking about Palestinian right

Fury at Israeli minister Bella Hadid for talking about Palestinian right

Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itmar Bin Ghafir, expressed anger at the American supermodel Bella Hadid for supporting Palestine and the oppressed people there, calling her an enemy of Israel.

According to the news agency ‘Associated Press’ (AP), Bella Hadid shared a clip of Itmar Bin Ghafir’s speech in her Instagram stories and wrote that no one’s life is more important than another. Bella Hadid shared a viral clip of the Israeli minister, in which he is heard on a TV show lashing out at Palestinians, saying the freedom of his wife and children is more important than Arabs.

The above-mentioned video clip of Israeli National Security Minister Itmar Ben Ghafir recently appeared on a TV program on his behalf, which went viral and drew criticism from around the world. The Israeli minister is heard saying in the above clip that the freedom and peace of his wife and children in the West Bank of Jerusalem is more important than the movement of Arabs.

He also gave references from the Bible while talking about the above. In addition, while addressing the Israeli Arab journalist Mohammad Maghadli in the said program, he said that although he must have felt bad to hear this, the fact is that the free movement of Arabs in the West Bank is more for the movement of Israeli Jews.

Mohammad Maghadli appears to speak for the Palestinians and believes that the Palestinians have a right to the West Bank.
The said clip of the Israeli minister was criticized by many Arab social media users and Bella Hadid also shared her video clip and wrote in her Instagram story that one person’s life is not more important than another person’s.

Israeli Minister Itamar Bin Ghafir got angry about Bella Hadid’s story and he also tweeted against the model and called her an enemy of Israel. Not only Bella Hadid but also the American government condemned the Israeli minister’s statement.

According to the British broadcasting organization “BBC“, the statement issued by the US State Department declared the Israeli minister’s statement unacceptable and said that his statement was based on hatred.

The US government condemned Itmar Bin Ghafir’s statement as racist. Apart from this, the Israeli minister was also criticized by secular Jews living in America and made them feel that no one is more respectable than anyone else.

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