Shay Gill’s ‘Mera Sawera’ was released at Coke Studio Global

Shay Gill's 'Mera Sawera' was released at Coke Studio Global

Singer Shay Gill, who rose to global fame with Coke Studio Pakistan’s song ‘Pasoori’, released her first solo Urdu song ‘Mera Sawera’ under the banner of Coke Studio International. This is the first time Shay Gill has performed solo at Coke Studio, she has previously performed with Ali Sethi and Turkish singer Ayodaki Saat.

Shay Gill’s first song ‘One Love’ was released in Coke Studio International in June this year along with Turkish singer Ayodaki Saat. The lyrics of the song were in Urdu, Turkish, and English language and the song was well received by the fans.

After ‘One Love’, Shay Gill’s first solo song ‘Mera Sawira’ has been released in Urdu at Coke Studio International. ‘Mera Sawera’ was released on 23 August, featuring Shay Gill performing in a studio.
Apart from Pakistan, the song was also appreciated by fans in India, the Middle East, and other countries.

‘Mera Sawira’ is Shay Gill’s first song to be sung solo in any Coke studio, she had previously created vocal magic in 2022 with Ali Sethi in ‘Pasoori’. ‘Pasuri’ proved to be one of the most popular songs of Coke Studio and the said song went on to win several records and gain worldwide fame.

After ‘Pasoori’, Shay Gill was also seen creating vocal magic with renowned singers Atif Aslam and Asim Azhar, while apart from this, she also created vocal magic in songs with other artists. Now his first Coke Studio Global solo song has also been released, which is getting a lot of appreciation.

The singer is getting a lot of popularity after singing Pasuri and people are also curious to know her. 23-year-old Shay Gul hails from Lahore who started her singing journey with her hostel friend. According to the singer, earlier she used to sing as a hobby but now it has become her profession. In an interview with BBC Shay Gill said that it is a big deal for me that my song became popular.

While talking about her singing journey, she said that in the beginning she used to sing only as a hobby, one day I uploaded a video of my singing on Instagram, which people liked a lot. “When I got a call from Coke Studio, I was very surprised and it took me time to digest it,” he said.

Coke Studio producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan saw my Instagram page and how I was singing and he liked my song. Then he got in touch on Instagram and said I want you to sing a song for Coke Studio.

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