Shaista Lodhi said people think I am my son’s girlfriend

Shaista Lodhi said people think I am my son's girlfriend

Shaista Lodhi said that when I go shopping, people think I am my son’s girlfriend. Renowned host and actor Shaista Lodhi says that when she goes shopping with her son, people start mistaking her for her son’s girlfriend or sister. The dressing style should be improved. ‘
Shaista Lodhi has been associated with the showbiz industry for many years, she hosted a morning show for a long time and later ventured into the drama industry where she acted in several dramas and gained fan recognition.

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Apart from being an actress and successful host, Shaista Lodhi is also a successful doctor, having completed MBBS from Jinnah Sindh Medical University.
Despite her responsibilities in the showbiz industry and as a TV host, marriage, and then children, she never took a break from her profession, saying that she enjoyed working in medicine more than working in the media.

Shaista Lodhi now runs her clinic as Aesthetic Physician with branches in Karachi and Lahore.
Shaista Lodhi got married in June 2015 and now has a daughter and two sons.
However, recently he participated in a YouTube channel where he talked about social media trolling.
Shaista says that when she goes out with her son, people often misunderstand that I am her son’s girlfriend.

Shaista said if you are not a mother to your children, is it your fault? Shaista Lodhi said that if your children are young, is it your fault? He said that people are trolling him too.
Shaista Lodhi, while talking about her criticism of her, said that “People joke that ‘Shame is not there!’ The children have grown up so much and the mother is wearing such clothes.
He further said that ‘when we go out of Pakistan, one day during shopping my son was also buying clothes, I was also there, because the culture there is different from our country, so we sat at the counter. One person pointed to my son and said, ‘Ask your friend if they want anything.’
“I laughed at that point and made it clear that I was his mother,” Shaista Lodhi said.
He said that “we can take this thing both negatively and positively, but unfortunately people in our society have such a habit that we make it a mockery.”
The actress said that ‘I am a doctor and a public figure as well, I will wear the clothes that look best to me, what is the problem with people?’
Earlier, Shaista Lodhi had also participated in Jio Entertainment’s program Hansna Muni Hai where she discussed the same topic.

During the program, Shaista Lodhi was asked by the host whether people misunderstood her as her children’s sister or partner. Which Shaista Lodhi revealed that in many public places people consider her as her son’s girlfriend.
He said that people often come up to him while walking with children, and say that I am his son’s sister or life partner.
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