Nadeem Baig did not say that Sajal Ali is a gift for the country

Nadeem Baig did not say that Sajal Ali is a gift for the country

The director of the recently concluded drama ‘Kach Un Kahi’ has described actress Sajal Ali as a gift to Pakistan country and the people, saying that he has seen very few actresses like her.
Sajal Ali played the role of Aaliya in ‘Kach Un Kahi’ and she acted opposite Bilal Abbas and both their roles were highly appreciated.

After the successful conclusion of ‘Kach Un Kahi’, its director Nadeem Baig recently attended ‘Fuchsia Magazine’ along with co-star Mohammad Ahmed, where the duo spoke candidly about the drama.
Speaking in the program, senior actor Muhammad Ahmed also praised Sajal Ali and said that she is an actress who sometimes does not need dialogue because of her style. He said that there were several scenes in ‘Kuch Un Kahi’, where dialogue was not needed due to Sajal Ali’s brilliant acting.

Image From Sajal Ali Instagram:
Image From Sajal Ali Instagram:

Similarly, Nadeem Baig also praised Sajal Ali and humorously said that Sajal Ali does not like it when someone says about him that Sajal is Sajal and he also described Sajal Ali as a gift to the country.
Director Nadeem Baig continued by saying that despite being talented, Sajal Ali does not have confidence in herself, she feels that she lacks confidence.

According to the director, Sajal Ali also works very carefully while acting and this is her beauty, which makes her acting stand out. He gave an example of the scene in the play and said that in ‘Kach Un Kahi’, when Asfar (Shehryar Manoor) asks Aaliya (Sajal Ali) if he will come to her house, Qayamat will not come, right?

According to the director, on Asfar’s question, Sajal Ali lowered his eyes and gave a very interesting expression on his face, and calmly said that ‘Aabhi Sakhi Hai’.

Nadeem Baig while appreciating Sajal Ali’s acting in the said scene said that she does not act by planning, she acts as she sees fit. The director said that he has seen all lesser actresses like Sajal Ali in Pakistan. Nadeem Baig called Sajal Ali a gift to Pakistan and also called her the best actress.
In the same program, Nadeem Baig also narrated an incident related to his mother and told that when his mother was 40 or 41 years old, his father passed away.

According to Nadeem Baig, his mother became a widow in his youth, when he was young, but when he grew up, he used to tell his mother that she should have married him.
The director said that when he used to talk about marriage with his mother, his mother used to scold him and said what kind of nonsense he was talking about.
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