Khalilur Rahman Qamar opinion on Green Entertainment

Khalilur Rahman Qamar opinion on Green Entertainment

Khalilur Rahman Qamar while expressing his opinion about Green Entertainment said how Green Entertainment Channel has its unique position in Pakistan.
Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar spoke about Green Entertainment.

Gentleman story:

Khalilur Rahman is scripting his new drama Gentleman for Qamar Green Entertainment. Khalilur Rahman Qamar in the story of this drama will expose such people who look noble but in reality, they are big thugs. Even more dangerous than those who have laid waste to my country.

Green Entertainment Drama vs Saas Bahu Dramas:

Khalilur Rahman Qamar, while expressing his opinion about Green Entertainment Channel, said that the best thing about this channel is that this channel has eliminated the idea of ​​ghita issues like Saas-Bahu like other TV channels of Pakistan. But are based on mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fights.

How is Green Entertainment different from other TV channels:

Khalilur Rahman Qamar while expressing his opinion about Green Entertainment’s dramas said that when he saw the promos of Green Entertainment’s dramas, he liked this idea very well. Stories of green entertainment have a unique place of their own.

Difference between Pakistan Women VS Green Entertainment Woman:

Khalilur Rehman Qamar said about the plays of Green Entertainment that the role of women is seen to be strong in it. In the story of this channel, no woman was seen crying and I am in favor of this view. He also said that in my entire life, I have never written a play on a woman’s cry.

Freedom VS Chanel Dictation:

Khalilur Rahman Qamar said that the channel only runs on your content. He said that playwrights should be given an open opportunity to write. When they come up with a story, don’t give them creative support, but give them technical support and then see how the channel works.

What is Green:

When Khalilur Rahman Qamar was asked what is Green, he gave his opinion and said that Green is a flick compared to other TV channels. And Khalilur Rahman Qamar also said that I believe as long as you stick with good stories, there is no stopping you.”

What was the thought of writing the Green Bay Loyalty Song:

When Khalilur Rehman Qamar was asked that he wrote the song Bewafai Kya in the famous drama Honeymoon, he said, “I don’t have the power to forgive you after infidelity.” Man does not have such a great capacity, this capacity is only with Allah Almighty that He forgives all kinds of sins.

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