Saba Qamar confession of falling in love again

Saba Qamar confession of falling in love again

The beautiful actress Saba Qamar admitted to being in love with someone and said that everyone always needs a special person, without whom they cannot live. Earlier, Saba Qamar gave an interview to Fuchsia magazine in 2022 and said that he has found ‘love’.

The actress said that she is very happy these days and is leading a peaceful life. In the interview, she didn’t fully open up about love and marriage plans, but hinted with a vague smile that she had found someone who cared about her, who loved her unconditionally.

Recently, the actress participated in the host Imran Ashraf’s program Moksha Raat, where Saba Qamar has once again revealed that she is in love. During the program, host Imran Ashraf asked Saba Qammar that “I heard that there is a rush of flowers outside your house and you don’t know who planted these flowers” to which Saba Qamar shyly replied that ” The ‘lover’.

He said that flowers are given by lovers, I have received a lot of love and there are lovers, but there is a person who is heavy on every love. Later, Imran Ashraf asked the question, “Is there any such person in your life?” To which Saba Qamar replied that ‘we human beings always need someone, no human being can live without someone.’

On which Imran Ashraf once again asked whether you are in need at this moment or your need has been fulfilled. On which the actress Saba Qammar got shy and she only answered ‘Alhamdulillah’, on which all the artists and viewers on the set of the show started clapping and congratulating Saba Qamar after hearing this answer. But Saba Qaمmar thanked everyone.

Later, Imran Ashraf said to Saba Qamar that do you want to say something to ‘him’ through the program? In response to which Saba Qammar said that I am both nervous and happy and I have a whole book to say for them, but now I have less time so I will say a poem. Saba Qammar said that she often recites a poem of Baba Balhe Shah to her lover, which she also likes very much.

During the program, Saba Qammar called his ‘beloved’ as ‘darling’ and recited Baba Balhe Shah’s poem in front of everyone. Although the actress has admitted that she is in love with someone again, she has not named the person nor has she clarified when she plans to get married.

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar is considered as one of the best artists who has fans all over the world, but she doesn’t like to talk much about her personal life. In 2022, Saba Qamar spoke about her first love and breakup for the first time, saying that it was not easy to handle herself after the breakup when her boyfriend started a relationship with someone else.

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