Mahira Khaan first detailed talk on failed marriage and divorce

Mahira Khaan first detailed talk on failed marriage and divorce

Superstar actress Mahira Khaan has for the first time talked about her failed marriage and divorce with Ali Askari and said that ‘even after separation we respect each other, we had decided that no matter how many difficulties we face, our child will be ours. Will be the priority.

Mahira Khaan was first married to Ali Askari in 2007, with whom she had a son (Azlan) and got divorced in 2015 after 8 years of marriage. Recently, on Fareeha Altaf’s podcast, actor Mahira Khan revealed many things about her childhood, first marriage, and acting journey.

At the beginning of the podcast, Mahira Khan recounted her childhood memories, saying that she lived in a joint family with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. “My parents’ family is from India, while my father was born in Delhi,” he said. Mahira Khan said ‘I was born after 8 years of my parents’ marriage, during these 8 years my parents gave up hope, but when I was born, I was called a miracle, so I was everyone’s darling. Then a year later my brother was born. ‘

The actress said that some people go through very difficult moments in their teenage years, but I always dreamed, thinking about what will happen to me in life, I think I am also very good at making people happy. The actress said ‘My father went to Woodstock in 1969, he was a banker, but before that, he had studied master’s in Philadelphia, and after finishing his studies he traveled to different countries. ‘

Talking about her mother, Mahira said, ‘My mother was a very beautiful and dreamy, romantic woman, she was educated like my father and was a school teacher. Their lives were very different from each other. , I had always seen my parents working’, The actress said that her parents’ marriage was an arranged marriage. Mahira Khan reminisced and said that when she shifted to America at a young age, she faced a lot of challenges, She had to give up her studies in Pakistan, but while living in America, she got a real sense of freedom and the ability to set goals. The opportunity was provided.

She said that during this period she fell in love with a man and wanted to live with her ‘first love’ in Los Angeles. The actress said that she shifted to the American city of Los Angeles at the age of 17, I had not even completed my A-level in Pakistan, and that time was very difficult for me. “I wasn’t a child of a rich father and my friends in college had a different life, they could go to parties, go on vacations and enjoy their lives,” Mahira Khan said. When someone asks me about my college life, I have nothing to say’.

Mahira, recalling her time in America, said, ‘She didn’t live with this girl in Los Angeles but later moved on and married her, my father was struggling for his career, my daughter in Santa Monica, California. My brother and I lived in an apartment, a small cramped apartment near a community college.’ Mahira said that while living in America, she got various opportunities where she worked in inventory.

He said that after doing several jobs in America when MTV started in Pakistan, he started working there as a video jockey. Mahira opened up about her challenges during her career success, including the struggles she faced during her first marriage. After returning to Pakistan, he married his first love (Ali Askari) and started a career as a video jockey.

Mahira explained ‘Before the birth of my son, I knew that my marriage would not last long, but when you love someone, you try to maintain the relationship, I knew that This relationship would not last long and it was a difficult and painful time for me.’ She said, “I was confused, wondering what was happening to me, I was scared, on the other hand, in my professional life, I had no idea that I would get sudden success after the drama ‘Humsafar’.” Gee, that was a tough time.’

The actress also revealed that she always wanted to do something unique and big, at that time she wanted to work with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and to fulfill that dream she Worked hard. He said that at that time my marriage was going on a journey of failure and my professional career was touching the heights of success after ‘Humsafar’.

Mahira Khaan said, ‘When you go through a time when you don’t know what’s going on and all avenues seem closed and even more painful is when a decision has to be made, I I knew that my child would be with me but I also knew that I would not have to depend on anyone including my parents, my work gave me strength during this difficult time. ‘ Mahira Khan, talking about her separation from Ali Askari, said that the first few years after the separation were very painful, two good people were separated from each other, and there was no relationship of violence and abuse between them. Both were married at a young age and we were both achieving success in our lives in different ways, but in the end, it was painful to end the relationship, but there was little pressure on me to save the relationship.’

Revealing that she was brought up in a ‘modern family’ where each other is respected in the relationship, Mahira Khan said, ‘Even after separation, we respect each other, we have decided. It was that no matter how many difficulties may arise in our relationship, our child will be our priority.

“Pakistan and Indian people were severely criticizing me, it was a very difficult time”

During the interview, Mahira Khaan also mentioned the backlash from her fans after working with Shah Rukh Khan in the film ‘Raees’, saying that the criticism and social media trolling from her fans had taken a toll on her mental health. He was severely affected and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Mahira Khan also mentioned the incident in 2017 when pictures of her smoking with actor Ranbir Kapoor went viral on the internet.

It should be noted that in 2017, Ranbir and Mahira were seen together in New York, Mahira wearing a white dress and Ranbir with her were seen smoking. expressed. During an interview with Fareeha Altaf, Mahira Khan said that ‘that year was very difficult, the year the film Raees was released, the same year the film Oran was released and the same year the pictures went viral, which made me very sad.

The actress said that it was unexpected for her, everything was going well after Raees and Oran, then suddenly I got attacked on social media and everything became political, all these things were political and always political. There are, and things with India are always political.’

Mahira Khan started receiving threatening phone calls.

Mahira Khaan said that after the incident, she received threats on social media and negative tweets, “I was even threatened by phone calls.” “Well I can’t go to India to promote the film,” Mahira said, adding that “I only wanted one thing that I hoped the film would be released in my country because I knew people would go to theaters to watch it.” Will turn. I will because people in Pakistan like him (Shah Rukh Khan) a lot.’The actress said that after this incident she suffered from depression, and was always in anxiety.

Mahira Khan said ‘my photos were continuously broadcast on Indian and Pakistani challenges, I had returned to Pakistan but the people here were also constantly telling me why I went there. People from both countries were criticizing me severely, and I became very anxious, until one day I started having panic attacks and fainted. Mahira Khan continued her speech and said that seeing my condition I had to go to a psychiatrist, the doctor said that I am suffering from depression.

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