Resham return to the big screen through ‘Ganjal’ is announced

Resham return to the big screen through 'Ganjal' is announced

Yesteryear popular actress Resham has announced that she is soon making a comeback on the big screen with the film ‘Ganjal’ alongside Ahmed Ali Akbar. Resham’s last lead film ‘Swarangi’ was released in 2015, Now after 8 years she has revealed that soon she will be seen on the big screen with Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Resham said in her Facebook post that ‘Ganjal’ has been directed by Shoaib Sultan, in which she will appear alongside Ahmed Ali Akbar.He did not say anything about the story of the film nor did he explain when the film will be released, but his post suggests that the shooting of the film has been completed.

Resham has also made earlier posts on Instagram related to the said film, in which she said that the film will feature Ahmed Ali Butt and Amna Ilyas among other actors. He wrote that while he is very excited to work in the said film, he also has some fears.

Resham wrote that she always wanted to act in a film like ‘Ganjal’ but unfortunately she did not get such an opportunity. The actress further wrote that years later when she was told the story of ‘Ganjal’, she immediately agreed to do the film, saying that she had to do it because now was the time to talk about the issues that need to be discussed. It is necessary.

Resham wrote that last year she appeared in a short role in ‘The Legend of Moolah Jat’ but now after a few years, she will be seen on the big screen as the main character. It should be noted that Resham started his film career in 1995 with the film ‘Jiva’ and his first film was a success.

Reshamm’s other famous films include ‘Chur Machay Shoor, Ghonghat, Sangam, Dupta Jal Raha Hai, Aktham, Pul Do Pul, Tovan, Pahla Pahla Pyaar Aur Taap’.

Apart from films, Resham has also shown acting chops in TV dramas and serials, as well as modeling. He has also won many awards including ‘Pride of Performance’ for his outstanding performance.

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