After watching the drama ‘Accident’, the victim cried and said why didn’t she die, Fariha Idris

After watching the drama 'Accident', the victim cried and said why didn't she die, Fariha Idris

Renowned journalist and well-known host Fariha Idris said in her long tweets that after watching the drama ‘Accident’ aired on Geo TV, she was called by a victim woman who had gone through a painful incident some time ago and while talking, the woman cried. Fareeha Idris said in her tweets that she did not know anything about the drama ‘Hadasa’ aired on Geo TV earlier, but a few days ago she received a call from a woman named ‘Z’, who told her about the drama.

The anchor said that ‘Z’ is the same woman who was a victim of ‘rape’ after being abducted on the highway near Lahore some time ago and she refused to appear before the media even then for the sake of her privacy. According to Fariha Idris, at the time of the incident, he had spoken to the victim but later lost contact with her, but when he called her a few days ago, she started crying.

According to the current affairs anchor, ‘Z’ said in a very painful tone while crying that he made a drama on the tragic incident that happened to him and surprisingly the scenes shown in the drama are the closest to the reality.In h is lengthy tweets, he wrote that ‘Z’ told him that the woman who starred in the drama was shown driving the same way he did and was shown suffering in the same hospital bed. As she was suffering.

He wrote that the victim tearfully told him that except for a few small things, he had depicted her in the play very closely to the real incident, and seeing these scenes made her wounds fresh again. Fariha Idris wrote that the woman said in a very sad voice that it would have been better if she had died then, she would not have had to see this day like this.

According to the journalist and host, the woman told him that now her in-laws, her friends, her parents, her relatives, and her children’s friends will see the drama, it would be better if she died before that.

Fareeha Idris wrote that the victim said that she was still in shock after the incident and that she was in extreme agony for three days after the incident, she was injected and stitched. The TV host wrote that the woman said she still gets scared when the doorbell rings and the children look at her because they know their mother is scared.

Fariha Idris wrote that she had never written openly about the story of the victim of the motorway rape incident like this before, but now that she was crying again and her wounds were fresh, she could not bear it, and that too. I was crying. He slammed the Geo TV management and the drama team, terming them ruthless and writing that they were making money from the pain and suffering of others.

He demanded the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to take notice of the play and ban it immediately. At the same time, he told the victim of the highway rape case that her case is still under investigation and the accused had not been punished the old officer who investigated her case died and he is in touch with the new officer.

It should be noted that the drama serial ‘Hatsa’ is being shown on Geo TV, Hadiqa Kayani and Ali Khan have played the lead roles in the drama. Hadiqa Kayani plays the role of a woman who is raped after being abducted from the motorway, while Ali Khan plays her husband.

In the 4th, 5th, and 6th episodes of the drama, the scenes of Hadiqa Kayana being kidnapped on the motorway, raped, and then treated in the hospital are shown.
At the time of showing the said scenes, a warning was issued on the TV screen that the said incident has nothing to do with the real events, although the events shown in the drama may be closely related to reality, the story of the drama has nothing to do with reality. Not related.
After the said drama, other users also criticized the team and demanded Pemra to ban it.

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