Ranbir Kapoor’s movie ‘Animal’ copied from Pakistani ‘Mola Jatt’

Ranbir Kapoor's movie 'Animal' copied from Pakistani 'Mola Jatt'

As soon as the first look of the famous Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor’s Movie ‘Animal’ was released, moviegoers called it a copy of the Pakistani blockbuster film ‘Mola Jatt’.

Ranbir Kapoor' in movie 'Animal'

On June 11, a 50-second teaser of Ranbir Kapoor’s Movie ‘Animal’ was released, in which the actor can be seen in a white-washed bodysuit and long, flowing hair.
In the poster of the said film, Ranbir can be seen with bleeding wounds on his face and an ax in his hand, which is quite similar to the look adopted by Fawad Khan in the film ‘Moola Jatt’.
As soon as the teaser of ‘Animal’ was released, movie fans, especially Pakistani moviegoers, described Ranbir’s dress as a copy of Fawad Khan’s dress in the Pakistani film ‘Moola Jatt’.
In this regard, users on the social networking website Twitter expressed their views by criticizing the teasers of ‘Animal’ and also pointed out the similarities between the main characters of the two films.

“Would it be fair to say that Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Animal is similar to Fawad Khan’s Moolah Jat look, especially his badass look,” one Twitter user wrote?

A user wrote that ‘Animal’s teaser is a copy of the Pakistani film The Legend of Moolah Jit’s teaser.’

Expressing his views, a Twitter user wrote that ‘This teaser is a fake copy of Moolah Jat, Bollywood actors can never reach the level of Fawad Khan’s excellent acting, even if they copy his role in the film.

Another user wrote that ‘I saw the teaser of Ranbir Kapoor’s movie Animal, but why does this teaser look like Moolah Jat?’

It should be noted that the Pakistani film ‘The Legend of Moolah Jat’ was released on 13 October 2022, which did a record business and the story of the film and the excellent acting of the actors were highly appreciated from all over the world.

ANIMAL Pre-Teaser | Ranbir Kapoor | Sandeep Reddy Vanga | Bhushan Kumar | 11th August 2023

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