72 Hoorain anti-Islamic Indian film

72 Hoorain anti-Islamic Indian film

After last year’s controversial Bollywood film ‘The Kashmir Files‘ and the anti-Islamic film ‘The Kerala Story’ released in May, another upcoming anti-Islamic Bollywood film ’72 hoorain’ is being demanded to be banned.
The teaser of ’72 Houreen’ was released on June 4, after which people criticized it and demanded a ban on the film before its release.
In the short teaser released, pictures of Osama bin Laden, Hafiz Saeed, Ajmal Kasab, and others are shown while a background voice is being told that all the mentioned people spread terrorism in the name of religion.

72 Hoorain anti-Islamic Indian film in Osama bin Laden

The short teaser hints that the story of the film 72 hoorain anti-Islamic film will be anti-Islamic and will feature Muslims as terrorist characters.
Along with the short teaser, it is said that ’72 Hoorain’ will be released on July 7 next month.

As soon as the teaser was released, thousands of people criticized it, calling the film anti-Islam, and demanded its release be stopped.
’72 Hoorain’ is directed by Sanjay Pooran Singh Chauhan and will feature unknown actors in important roles.

Before the said film, an anti-Islam film called ‘The Kerala Story’ was released last month, in which it was baselessly claimed that 32 thousand young Hindu girls from the Indian state of Kerala were converted to Islam to spread terrorism in the world.

Being used for Before ‘The Kerala Story’, a controversial anti-Muslim film called ‘The Kashmir Files’ was released at the end of last year, in which an attempt was made to give the impression that the massacre of Muslim Hindu Pandits in Occupied Kashmir. are involved in and they spread terrorism in the name of the Muslim religion.

The Indian film industry was criticized not only around the world but also in India for ‘The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story’.
Apart from the two films mentioned above, many Bollywood films in the past have shown anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic characters and content.

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